Experience the exceptional power of the INFINITI Q50

Experience the exceptional power of the INFINITI Q50

If you are looking to dominate the road, chances are you would be seeking a companion to help you chart the path forward with the power and grace that only an INFINITI can deliver.

Enter the Q50 — it’s chiseled, immaculately suited and operates with exceptional vehicular performance.

Picture this: you are driving your INFINITI Q50 down offbeat roads in search of your next adventure. Unlike other sedans, the Q50 is capable of navigating multiple terrains while still maintaining its acceleration swell, reflecting the power that is unleashed from its engine, granting you a seamless rush, not just a momentary push — it needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated as it is a unique driving sensation.

No matter where you are or how far you go, you can also stay connected to your conversations, content, and navigation with INFINITI’s advanced cabin technology. Every functionality can be fine-tuned, from the Q50’s temperature, audio-visual preferences, navigation, and more. It’s all ready and waiting as you step inside a sedan like no other.

With the aid of the High Beam Assist, everything in your path will be visible, and the safety of all your passengers and those of anything around you is ensured. In fact, driving an INFINITI Q50 feels like being with a co-pilot no matter your journey or need.

The Q50 comes with multiple drive modes to match your experience. The eco mode adjusts your throttle for fuel efficiency, the sport mode and its plus version tighten the suspension for a sportier drive with sharper handling, and the personal mode grants you the opportunity to fully customize your drives to deliver a unique experience, whether you are road tripping across the emirates or commuting from one end of Dubai to the other.

With performance at the core of the INFINITI Q50, the car packs a 3.0-liter V6 engine  to further refine your driving experience across any terrain. A combination of the Q50’s hood and its deep-flowing contours also adds an aggressive, streamlined, and aerodynamic feel that ensure the best performance at all times.

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