Join Charitable Initiatives During Ramadan 2024: Here's How

Join Charitable Initiatives During Ramadan 2024: Here's How

During Ramadan, many charitable groups and projects start up, all with a noble goal of helping those who are in need. They provide food, healthcare, and other essential services, showing the real meaning of Ramadan: reflecting, being grateful, and helping those who are less fortunate.

Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila Foundation, together with Costa Coffee, invites you to take part in the Basma Ramadan campaign. By buying a gift card through the Costa Club app for a small fee of Dh15, you can help with this initiative. For every Dh50 spent on the gift card, Dh5 will be donated to offer essential medical aid to those in need. Join this worthy cause and help change someone's life for the better.

Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares has started a Ramadan fundraising campaign to help the people of Gaza. Your donations will be used to provide hot meals, food baskets, and necessary shelters. Visit to donate and pick from different options, like sponsoring a day of education for Dh5 or giving 25 school meals for Dh25. They've also introduced the "Gaza In Our Hearts" campaign to offer more support during this sacred month.

Dubai Culture

Dubai Culture, together with Talabat UAE and the Emirates Red Crescent, introduces "Ramadan Heroes," their fifth initiative to aid the underprivileged. With the theme "Celebrating the Gift of Giving," Dubai Culture urges the public to donate iftar and suhoor meals through the talabat UAE app. These meals will be promptly delivered to recipients nationwide by the Emirates Red Crescent's field teams, ensuring everyone's safety and well-being.

The World Food Programme

The World Food Programme invites you to join their Ramadan campaign themed. Your contributions will help combat hunger, supporting over 95 million people in urgent need worldwide. By addressing the root causes of hunger, the World Food Programme implements sustainable solutions. Visit to make a donation and be a part of this impactful initiative.

Vietnamese Foodies

Vietnamese Foodies, in collaboration with Dubai Good Will, is distributing 1,500 iftar meals this Ramadan from Al Futaim Mosque on March 20, 2024. These meals include appetizers, main courses, fruits, and beverages, to support hardworking individuals during this sacred month.

The UAE Food Bank

The UAE Food Bank works hard to give meals to people in need both in the UAE and around the world. They give out about 166,666 meals every day. With programs like "Your Iftar is on Us," "Donate a Food Parcel," and "Iftar with Workers," they aim to help over half a million families and three million workers. Let's say "no" to wasting food and join the UAE Food Bank in their important work.

Dubai Charity Associations

Dubai Charity Associations' Ramadan campaign is a significant effort that focuses on humanitarian projects. With options like "Iftar Sayim (Dh15)," "Mir Ramadan (Dh500)," "Zakat al-Fitr (Dh25)," and "Orphan's Joy (Dh200)," your donations will support different aspects of community development. This campaign embodies the spirit of unity and generosity, reflecting the Dubai Charity Association's vision to improve the quality of life for those in need during Ramadan.

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation UK

During Ramadan, Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation UK is increasing its support by ensuring orphaned families facing poverty in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ghana have access to nutritious meals. Your contributions will be impactful, providing food baskets and freshly cooked meals for Iftar and Suhoor. With your help, over 100,000 orphaned children will receive essential healthcare services. Visit to contribute to this cause.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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