Metaverse's 1st Virtual Themed Restaurant launches in Dubai

Metaverse's 1st Virtual Themed Restaurant launches in Dubai

MetaTerrace - a first of its kind restaurant themed to provide a unique experience of a virtual reality room has opened in Dubai's DIFC.

Dubai becomes the first city to experience Metaverse's proposed elements of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The lounge is located in the Central Parks Towers of DIFC.

ColossalBit, a Dubai-based consulting, advisory, design, and development firm for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs, has announced the launch of MetaTerrace.

The Metaverse-themed lounge will take Dubai's night scene up by a notch with a VR room, where visitors will be able to put on VR glasses and access an alternative universe. Here, they can interact with like-minded individuals, have drinks, and also engage in NFT and cryptocurrency discussions.

MetaTerrace's true aim is to allow the blockchain community and thrill-seekers with an opportunity to find our what the future of digital future looks like.

News Source: Communicate

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