Ministry of Economy Launches New Intellectual Property System

Ministry of Economy Launches New Intellectual Property System

The Ministry of Economy announced the launch of its new intellectual property (IP) system, which includes 11 integrated initiatives in various fields and applications of intellectual property.

The initiatives are aimed at enhancing the innovation and creativity landscape in the country by providing a competitive and conducive environment for inventors and creators to develop their entrepreneurial ideas into innovative business opportunities and enabling creative national competencies to effectively utilise intellectual property applications.

The launch event was organised by the Ministry in the presence of Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, and Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Under-Secretary of the Ministry, as well as representatives of several federal and local government entities and academic and research institutions in the country. These include the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, General Authority of Sports, Community Development Authority, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Dubai Economic Security Centre, Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation, Dubai Courts, Shurooq - Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, Emirates Intellectual Property Association, Emirates Publishers Association, and the University of Sharjah.

The Minister of Economy said,

"The UAE has made great strides in developing its intellectual property sector in accordance with global best practices, recognising it as a fundamental and key pillar for promoting economic growth. The launch of the new IP system is a milestone in our efforts to enhance the country's transition into a knowledge and innovation economy and develop an incubating national environment for intellectual property, innovation and patent activities. This is in accordance with global best practices and in line with the objectives of the “We the UAE 2031" vision to establish the UAE as a global hub for the new economy and strengthen its position among the top 15 countries in the Global Innovation Index.

In his speech at the event, Bin Touq added,

"The new system is based on four main themes, promoting the comprehensive protection offered to intellectual property rights; reducing violations faced by patentees and innovators; resolving disputes; and developing the services provided by the Ministry to individuals and institutions wishing to register patents. It will be based on AI technology, allowing enablers and facilities to support the growth of R&D-based projects, exploit the fruits of intellectual property protection and market them as national exports to foreign markets.”

He continued:

"The new system will play a prominent role in increasing the revenues of the national IP sector by facilitating the export of advanced national products and services based on innovation and modern technology to foreign markets. It will also stimulate the attraction of intellectual property investments by supporting trademark registration and patents, as well as work on technology transfer from advanced to emerging sectors by providing licences for the use of technology and knowledge. This will contribute to increasing the sector’s contribution to the growth of the national economy and its competitiveness at regional and global levels.”

He emphasised that the UAE recognises the significance of establishing an integrated legislative framework that promotes creativity, innovation and comprehensive IP protection for talented individuals, skilled professionals, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the country. These efforts also highlight the nation’s active advocacy for IP rights protection through various innovative and groundbreaking initiatives. To this end, the UAE has implemented a range of economic policies and laws, including laws concerning the Protection of Industrial Property Rights, Trademarks, and Copyright and Related Rights.

Initiatives under the new IP system

The newly launched IP system comprises 11 initiatives, all of which were thoroughly reviewed during the event. In close collaboration with its strategic partners from various federal and local authorities in the country, the Ministry has been diligently working to develop and implement these initiatives in line with international best practices. These concerted efforts are aimed at further enhancing the UAE's leading position in the Global Innovation Index.

Innovation Hub: This initiative offers an online incubator platform for UAE creators to provide technical guidance and assistance with the patent registration process. The initiative will be carried out in collaboration with the Emirates Association for Talented.

Patent Hive initiative: This initiative aims to increase the number of patents granted and promote the participation of innovators and talents in filing patent applications in the UAE. It sets a goal of achieving 6,000 new patent registrations in the country by 2026, in collaboration with relevant research and academic institutions.

Emirati ‘Fahes’ (examiner) initiative: MoEc, in partnership with the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis), has undertaken this initiative to enhance the skills and competitiveness of Emirati talents in the field of intellectual property. It will offer top-level training and awareness programmes that will not only create job opportunities for them but also encourage the private sector to hire and train them in various innovation and creativity-related fields.

InnovLAB initiative: In partnership with the Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, InnovLAB focuses on strengthening the capacities of innovation incubators and supporting their competitiveness, as well as assessing the effectiveness of incubators in local federal and educational establishments.

InstaBlock initiative: InstaBlock is an immediate service offered by the Ministry in collaboration with the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, dedicated to addressing complaints concerning livestream copyright infringements. The primary focus of this service is to swiftly enforce intellectual property rights protection.

IP SPORT initiative: MoEc, in collaboration with the General Authority of Sports (GAS), is set to launch the initiative, which aims to increase the number of registered trademarks in the UAE’s sports sector. The objective is to raise awareness on intellectual property rights in the sports industry and conduct awareness campaigns during the UAE Innovation Month.

One Day TM Initiative: A collaborative effort between MoEc and the Ministry of Finance, offering a service aimed at expediting the issuance of a trademark registration certificate, making it happen within a single business day. This initiative aims to increase the trademark registration rate in the UAE and generate additional revenue.

IP Platform initiative: A consolidated digital platform that will be developed during the upcoming phase to connect and integrate data from various government departments responsible for enforcing intellectual property rights. This initiative will harness the latest cutting-edge technology in this field and MoEc will implement this project in collaboration with relevant government entities.

‘Hayyakom’ initiative: The Ministry plans to introduce this initiative in conjunction with the UAE's hosting of the INTA Meeting, one of the biggest trademark-focused meetings. The goal is to boost the UAE's appeal to global companies and enhance its brand image.

IP School initiative: This initiative has set the goal to develop a comprehensive portfolio of training programmes for intellectual property, which will be endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). It also involves designing suitable training programmes for students in collaboration with the Organisation, the Brand Owners Protection Group, and the Dhahi Khalfan Intellectual Property Center.

Virtual character ‘Aisha’: A virtual personality whose main purpose is to raise awareness of intellectual property rights, engage with the public, and address their queries. This will be done through event participation or social media platforms.

IP, Trademarks and Patent Registration indicators

In 2023, there was a significant rise in the number of trademark registration applications, as recorded by the Ministry, with a 9.6 percent increase compared to 2022. There was also a 29.5 percent increase in the registration of intellectual works.

With regard to patents, the Ministry received 3,415 patent applications in 2023, marking a 19.5 percent increase from 2022. The total number of registered patents in 2023 reached 5,108, up13.7 percent.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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