MoEI wins 'Excellence in Governance - Maritime' award at ShipTek Awards 2023

MoEI wins 'Excellence in Governance - Maritime' award at ShipTek Awards 2023

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) has won the “Excellence In Governance - Maritime” award at ShipTek International Maritime Awards 2023.

This recognition emphasises the Ministry’s efforts to enhance maritime business and promote the attractiveness of the UAE’s ports and the maritime services offered.

The award further reaffirms MoEI's active role in strengthening the UAE’s global leadership in the maritime sector and cementing its dominant position as a key trade hub.

Through its several endeavours, MoEI unifies the UAE’s maritime sector and integrating the capabilities of the various entities and organisations in the sector. It also strives to build bridges of cooperation among leading global maritime clusters to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and projects.

Hassan Mohamed Juma Al Mansoori, Under-Secretary for the Infrastructure and Transport Sector at MoEI, said,

“It is an honour to witness the continued success of the Ministry. These achievements are a recognition of our efforts to transform the UAE into a global hub for innovation in maritime services, while also promoting sustainability of the economy and the environment, ensuring gender equality in the sector and building a robust legal framework.”

Al Mansoori added,

“At MOEI, we have consistently ensured that our objective of developing and strengthening alternative economic components to the oil sector is aligned with the country’s ambitious goals and programmes such as Projects of the 50. Today, the UAE has gained a reputation as one of the top maritime centres worldwide.

"We have over 20 leading international seaports and some of the largest oil export ports in the world. Some of our ports are among the top 10 internationally in terms of volume of container handling. These accomplishments are truly a result of our ceaseless efforts and the contribution of all industry stakeholders. Together, we have enhanced the UAE’s global competitiveness in the maritime sector.”

ShipTek Awards are a part of the ShipTek International Conference, which focuses on the maritime shipping, oil and gas sectors. The 16th edition witnessed the participation of government officials, industry leaders and senior officials from renowned organisations.

Several maritime organisations and industry professionals that contributed to establishing, maintaining and delivering the best standards of services in a constantly challenging environment were recognised during the award ceremony.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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