MoHAP records 4 million insurance claims through 'Riayati'

MoHAP records 4 million insurance claims through 'Riayati'

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has announced that more than 4 million insurance claims have been processed in the past eight months only through "Riayati", the digital healthcare platform for the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) programme, with an average of 28,000 transactions a day.

The ministry also announced that since the launch of the platform on 1st April, 2022, more than 4.9 pre-approval requests have been issued, an average of 26,000 requests a day, while over 1.4 million electronic prescriptions have been provided, recording an average of 7,000 prescriptions a day.

Additionally, MoHAP revealed that the total value of financial insurance claims processed through the platform has crossed AED 1.2 billion.

The E-Claims Post Office is accessible by more than 6,000 doctors, 40 paying agents, and 1,000 health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and health care centres.

The ministry said that it is committed to improving patients’ journeys and providing innovative digital solutions in the field of health data management, in order to establish a smart and integrated health system that serves all stakeholders, tightens control over health insurance procedures, and ensures a balanced consideration of financial resources.

Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Support Services Sector, stressed the E-Claims Post Office represents a quality addition to the health care system, providing a sophisticated unified digital data environment for collecting and analysing patients’ insurance and clinical data according to international best practices.

Al Dashti said that the ministry will spare no effort to implement its strategy aimed at developing health information systems and pushing its smart and digital transformation to the next level to make customers happier and improve their quality of life.

For his part, Ali Al Ajmi, Director of the Digital Health Department at the Ministry, said that the E-Claims Post Office met the requirements of health insurance claims, by governing procedural processes and tightening the oversight over health insurance providers, to improve the performance and efficiency of claims processing, thereby lowering costs and quickening the work cycle.

Al Ajmi that the E-Claims Post Office doesn’t only help regulate insurance claims but also streamline the work process between paying agents and health care providers, through a standard platform that includes a unified portal, which enables stakeholders to easily register and access applications, data, and documents.

Through "Riayati" platform, MoHAP seeks to improve the UAE’s health sector and build a sustainable and integrated health system to provide world-class services of top-notch quality and deliver a unique healthcare experience.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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