MoHRE's 'Tawasul' Communication System Records 65% Surge in Customer Interactions

MoHRE's 'Tawasul' Communication System Records 65% Surge in Customer Interactions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) reported over 51 million communication processes with its customers through its communication system ‘Tawasul’ in 2023, marking an increase of approximately 65% compared to 2022, where around 31 million processes were reported.

The Ministry’s communication system ‘Tawasul’ offers 14 smart digital channels for customers, including the call centre at 600590000; WhatsApp service; live chat through the MoHRE website and smart application; email (; the ‘Tawasul’ platform at the Ministry’s offices, which allows video and voice calls; the Customers’ Voice system and the Customer First Forum.

Channels also include the Ministry’s social media accounts (@mohre_uae), the interactive voice response system, awareness notifications for employers and employees, and a monthly account statement service for companies, along with a visual communication service, technical support, and the recently launched premium priority service for MoHRE customers.

The communication system ‘Tawasul’ is built on a unified, secure, and advanced technological infrastructure to ensure transparency, privacy, and customer satisfaction, while aligning with future trends and meeting the UAE Government’s requirements and strategic directions for the services of the future.

The system allows customers and members of the community to enquire about procedures or steps for submitting transactions and requests, in addition to providing feedback and suggestions, requesting technical support, and filing complaints, among others, using the latest technologies and in line with global standards.

Khalil Al Khoori, MoHRE’s Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs, said,

“The communication system ‘Tawasul’ meets the highest competitiveness standards and provides pioneering institutional services. It leverages modern technology to offer a positive experience for customers in their relationship with the Ministry, delivering services distinguished by speed, ease, transparency, security, and reliability, all while maintaining the highest privacy standards. The system forms part of the Ministry’s strategic direction to build and develop an integrated digital ecosystem that resonates with the UAE’s digital transformation and future services.”
“The ongoing legislative developments in the labour market, coupled with the UAE’s rapid advancement, have increased customers need for support and communication with the Ministry to access reliable information and instructions,”

Al Khoori went on to explain.

“The communication system ‘Tawasul’ was specifically designed to respond to this need effectively and professionally. The system is continuously developed to incorporate more advanced and modern processes in its services, with a forward-looking vision to ensure preparedness and meet evolving requirements as the UAE rapidly advances to new stages of growth across various sectors.”
“The Ministry relies on customer feedback as a primary input for the continuous development of its services and channels, ensuring their availability based on customer preferences, in a bid to enhance their happiness and satisfaction,”

he added.

The Ministry’s call centre reported a total of around 2.5 million incoming and outgoing calls in the past year, demonstrating its ability to manage customer requests quickly and efficiently, resulting in a high customer satisfaction rate of approximately 90% with regards to the centre’s preparedness, effective response to communication, competence of its workers, and the overall efficiency of the response system.

Moreover, the call centre executed over 26,000 communication processes under the premium services package for customers launched in September 2023, which is set to be expanded to eventually cover all groups. The service gives beneficiaries priority in processing their calls and completing their transactions, in addition to offering them a dedicated account manager to ensure proactive communication.

The communication system ‘Tawasul’ processed more than 793,000 interactions through its digital communication tools, including email, chat, and WhatsApp. The MoHRE’s social media accounts reported more than 4,000 responses and interactions from followers, while the Customer’s Voice channel recorded over 400,000 communications.

Meanwhile, the Customer First Forum sent around 4.5 million invitations, 38 councils were held and attended by 6,980 customers, and 7.7 million account statements were issued to companies via SMS and email.

The Ministry uses digital and electronic communication tools in its ongoing awareness campaigns, as over 35 million messages and notifications were sent about MoHRE campaigns and awareness programmes.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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