6 vacancies that are in-demand in the UAE aviation sector

6 vacancies that are in-demand in the UAE aviation sector

Sector faces severe shortage of professionals as it recovers from Covid-19 setbacks

The aviation industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled staff globally, giving rise to lucrative job opportunities.

“The shortage of skilled staff in the aviation industry has created huge opportunities for employment,”

said Dr Ahmad Al Ali, Vice Chancellor of Emirates Aviation Industry (EAU), during a media roundtable last week.

As the industry recovers faster than expected from the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a hiring spree by airline bosses, who offer attractive pay and working conditions to retain much needed talent.

The shortage of professionals has led to an increase in the number of students signing up for aviation courses. This year, the EAU received almost 3000 registrations- nearly double the number of applications it had for the 2019- 2020 academic year- for its various undergraduate programs. There has also been renewed interest in its postgraduate offerings.

Combining global and local reports, here is a list of the six most in-demand vacancies in the aviation sector right now:

1.Aircraft mechanics

Two years after the Covid-19 pandemic, the airline industry has recovered faster than expected, and one of the most sought-after professionals are aircraft mechanics.

A severe shortage of mechanics has led to lengthy delays in aircraft maintenance, which could mean cancelled flights and an increase in ticket prices.


There has been a global shortage of pilots since the onset of the pandemic. The recently released Pilot and Technician Outlook by Boeing has predicted that there will be a demand for over two million new aviation personnel over the next 20 years to safely support the recovery in commercial air travel and meet rising long-term growth.

According to the report, the Middle East will need roughly about 53,000 new pilots during the period. This has created several new opportunities for new pilots.

3.Flight dispatcher

As the aviation industry bounces back from its worst crisis in recent times, the EAU has reported an uptick in demand for flight dispatcher certification courses.

Flight dispatchers are in charge of ensuring that all flights operate safely and efficiently. From planning flight paths to keeping a watch for changing weather conditions, the duties of these professionals vary. The demand for flight dispatchers is expected to multiply over the years as the industry grows.

4.Cabin crew

The global shortage of cabin crew was a topic of hot discussion earlier in the year when it caused flight cancellations and rescheduling all over Europe. Many flight attendants moved to other industries during the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in a severe shortage of cabin crew across the world.

According to the Pilot and Technician Outlook by Boeing, there is a requirement of nearly 900,000 new cabin crew over the next 20 years

5.Aeronautical engineers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of aerospace engineers is projected to grow 8 per cent from 2020 to 2030.

As it currently stands, there are not enough professionals to fulfil the need of the aviation industry, and airline bosses are offering lucrative pay packages to snap up available engineers.

6.Supply chain professionals

Supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic and war have affected nearly every industry globally. Due to this, companies are looking to employ suitably qualified professionals to support the development of supply chains.

The EAU has reported a significant increase in the demand for its global supply chain management program, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, to fulfil the burgeoning need.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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