MRK Contemporary Art Gallery opens featuring works of Emirati child prodigies

MRK Contemporary Art Gallery opens featuring works of Emirati child prodigies

MRK Contemporary Art Gallery, Dubai, was inaugurated by Mohammed Al-Murr, Chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library and former UAE Federal National Council Speaker on January 20.

Located in two spaces at Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, MRK's hugely attended opening night was graced by Ambassadors, Consul Generals, Media, art institution leaders, businessmen, collectors, artists and art lovers.The gallery mainly promotes pioneer Emirati artists, including the works of child prodigies, many of whom are Emiratis.

Mohammed Al-Murr said that each gallery enriches the cultural scene of the Emirates.

"MRK Contemporary Art Gallery will further provide an opportunity for Emirati artists and others to display their talent,"

he said.

"Dubai can be described as an art hub, the hub of happiness and development and a melting pot of cultures,"

said Meena Rao Kamal, well-known abstract landscape artist and Founder and Owner of the eponymous gallery.

"The incredible transformation of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates following the vision of its Founding Fathers and Rulers, has been beautifully documented by the pioneering Emirati artists of the Emirates."

Meena Rao Kamal is Indian by nationality and is a patron of Bombay Art Society - India. She paints in oil on linen/canvas and mixed media on archival paper and wooden panels. Her abstracts depict her enduring journey and experiences in handling geometric, organic shapes, with tactile textures done on a meditative colour palette and are marked by spiritual features. She spends her creative time at her residences in San Francisco, USA; Dubai, and in New Delhi and Mumbai in India.

Though the promotion of Emirati artists is the main mission of MRK Contemporary, its collection showcases Eurabian (European + Western) artists. The Eurabian artwork in the gallery's collection are predominantly influenced by Arabic and Islamic features and have been sourced from renowned international artists from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

They include Dubai-based Swiss artist Andre Meyerhans, whose oeuvre spans architecture to jewellery making; Jack Lee from China who paints realistic images from life and nature and is famed for his depiction of Emirati scenes; Dutch artist Karel Stoop, who has been influenced by Sufi Master Mevlana Rumi and renowned American artist Paul Morin, who has created portraits of the Rulers.

Emirati artists on MRK roster include Dr Najat Makki, who is showing her acrylic works from her Coin series in the gallery; Abdulqader Al Rais who is inspired by colour and imagination for his compositions; self-taught Emirati artist Faisal Abdulqader; Khalilabdul Wahid, who is proficient in painting and video; fourteen year old Emirati artist Aisha Mohammed Abdulkareem who offers digital fashion; twelve year old Hessa Mohammed Abdulkareem, whose Emirati roots has led her to draw Sheikhs’ portraits digitally and Emirati child artist Maitha Khalilabdul Wahid, who is proficient in digital artwork.

The participating artists, many of whom were present on the opening night, expressed satisfaction on the establishment of the gallery.

"It is one of the best art openings I have been to and the display of the artwork of Emirati artists is the cream on the cake,"

said Khalil Abdulwahid.

Besides marketing the work of local and international artists, MRK Contemporary also offers a range of masterpieces with a focus on the secondary market, in a collaboration with art consultant and advisor James Bacchi from the USA. Meena Rao Kamal has over twenty years of experience in critiquing and interpreting the art world and will be available to advice clients about art acquisition and sale of private collections. MRK gallery will also offer special viewing experiences, and guide collectors and art aficionados in purchasing artwork on the basis of prior appointment for private viewing.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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