UAE labour law: In-demand jobs for teenagers revealed

UAE labour law: In-demand jobs for teenagers revealed

Many companies in the UAE will recruit teenagers after the UAE’s new labour came into effect from February 2 which allows teenagers above 15 to opt for part-time jobs or internships in private companies.

Recruitment specialists in the UAE say that the new law opens a window of opportunities for young jobseekers in diverse roles such as research assistant, junior IT support, marketing assistant, tour guide and junior sales representative, brand ambassador among others.

From a corporate perspective, this new rule will help fulfil the gap in the local labour market for short-term roles and help the labour market to mature further.

Mayank Patel, country head, Adecco Middle East, a global recruitment and HR solutions firm, says employers are willing to hire candidates without experience and offer flexible work arrangements and greater work flexibility to students to fit university programmes.

“Many organisations are hiring young talent to ease the labour shortage. Sectors such as leisure and hospitality, retail, and tourism that typically hire teens during the busy holiday seasons,”

According to Adecco, the most trending part-time job opportunities for teens include promoters, customer service, junior IT support, research assistant, marketing assistant, administration and business support, brand ambassadors, junior sales representative, F&B customer attendant, tour guide, junior retail store support or assistant, and more.

Patel stated that the new law,

“Helps employers to reduce payroll costs, bring fresh business perspective and also harness workplace with high energy levels.”

Waleed Anwar, managing director of Upfront HR, many jobs are open to accepting teenagers on a part-time basis, however, jobs that are hazardous work such as hard labour and operating heavy equipment are not allowed.

“Student internships are great for both students and employers. They help fill a gap in the business and also give a student the on-job experience and ongoing personal development they need in life. By hiring these young people, companies can identify potential talent for the future, giving them opportunities to see their potential,”

He added that companies who hire and give opportunities to young people are seen as leaders and progressive.

The Upfront HR managing director said teens learn important life skills, money management and time management, and these practical life roles help build their personality and improve confidence.

“Student internships give teenagers the opportunity to gain on the job experience for their desired field of study.”

Mayank Patel said doing a job at teenage helps youngsters to polish their skills and set their future goals.

“This new labour will help teens explore job opportunities in sectors they wish to grow and develop their career.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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