New UAE rules require Pakistani residents to follow the Wadeema's Law

New UAE rules require Pakistani residents to follow the Wadeema's Law

Pakistanis residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should take note of the significant announcement that the UAE government intends to enforce the law strictly with respect to visa acquisition for Pakistani individuals below 18 years old.

Atiq Bakhit al-Rumiti, Consul General stationed in Karachi, UAE, shared comprehensive information about this regulation and the stringent actions to be taken by the UAE government in a special interview with Geo News.

According to the Consul General of the UAE, Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti, a significant number of Pakistani nationals holding work visas in the Emirates through Wadeema's law are breaching laws related to children's rights.

These laws mandate that children have the right to education, but many Pakistani parents are failing to comply with this by keeping their children at home and depriving them of an education.

The government has recently taken firm decisions to address this issue and ensure that families living in the UAE adhere strictly to laws concerning children's rights. The Consul General stressed the importance of educating children, and the UAE government has committed to taking action against parents who violate these laws.

Wadeema's Law, also known as Federal Law No. 3 of 2016, emphasizes that all children should have access to proper living conditions, healthcare services, education, and equal opportunities in essential services and facilities without any discrimination. The law provides protection to children against any form of negligence, exploitation, or physical/psychological abuse.

Pakistani residents who violate this law will be held accountable and may face severe consequences, including deportation from the UAE.

Consul General Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti emphasized that the Wadeema's Law is being violated, and Pakistani parents must prioritize their children's rights, particularly their right to education. He urged parents to take responsibility for their children's education, health, freedom, and other rights.

There are currently 16 to 17 million Pakistanis living in the UAE, but the government has recently tightened regulations. To obtain new visas, Pakistanis must provide assurance that they will fully adhere to these laws in the future.

However, the Consul General clarified that there are no restrictions for Pakistani citizens applying for UAE visit visas. The government welcomes Pakistani nationals on leisure visas, and there are no limitations on their entry into the UAE.

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