UAE's new visa system is now active

UAE's new visa system is now active

The sweeping changes include expanded Golden Visa scheme, Green Residency and updated entry permits.

The UAE's largest visa and entry reforms and rules have come into force.

Typing centre agents have confirmed that the new visa reforms are now active in the system.

“We are able to access and submit requests for the new green visas as well as the multiple entry visas in Dubai,”

said Abdul Gafoor, general manager of Al Mas Businessmen Service.

The 'Advanced Visa System' goes into effect from today, October 3, as per an announcement by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) last month.

The Advanced Visa System comprises many residency types. One of the most attractive features has been the Green Visa for Investors, which allows an individual to sponsor their family for five years, as opposed to the existing system of two years. It is applicable for various individuals including skilled workers, self-employed people and freelancers.

“We have had a number of enquiries, especially for the Green Visa,” said Abdul Gafoor. “We are hoping to start applying for some of our clients starting from either today or tomorrow.”

Requirements for the coveted Golden Visa have also been relaxed and can be obtained by scientists, entrepreneurs, exceptionally talented people, frontline heroes, top students and investors who have purchased Dh2 million-plus worth of property.

New rules will also allow parents to sponsor their sons till the age of 25. Earlier, it was only possible to sponsor sons until the age of 18. Unmarried daughters can be sponsored for an indefinite period and disabled children get a special permit.

There have also been a number of changes in visit visa permits. New visas will allow a stay of 60 days instead of the earlier 30 days. Additionally, a five-year multi-entry tourist visa has been introduced, which does not require a sponsor. This will allow tourists who have a bank balance of $4,000, to stay for 90 consecutive days in the UAE.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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