Dubai’s Al Maktoum Airport to Have Pre-Check-in System for Seamless Passenger Experience

Dubai’s Al Maktoum Airport to Have Pre-Check-in System for Seamless Passenger Experience

When Al Maktoum International (DWC) becomes Dubai's only airport in ten years, travelers won't have to wait in line for any travel-related formalities, according to a top official.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, stated in an interview with that DWC will adhere to the "no red lights" policy.

According to him, all check-in procedures will be completed even before travelers approach the airport. Before or during their trip to the airport, passengers will be able to check in for their flights and drop off their bags.

"The idea is that there's a short, convenient walking route once you get to the airport."

For anything, including immigration, check-in, security (checks), and customs, you are not required to stop. We want to give the consumer the freedom to choose when they want to stop, whether they're at a store to make a purchase, a restaurant for a meal, or a lounge to unwind in,"

he stated.

At the airport, new aviation technology will be installed, giving travelers more freedom to decide how they want to spend their time. They won't be made to wait in lines by us. The goal is to make the airport experience as fluid and uninterrupted as possible by enabling new methods and technology.

At 70 square kilometers, DWC will be the biggest in the world when it is completely functioning. However, the operator of the airport is committed to making it the greatest as well. Therefore, in our opinion, the client experience is crucial. Rest certain that we will be creating something that is not a huge monolith that is difficult to navigate or has enormous walking distances. This goes for residents, guests, and those considering making Dubai their home or place of business.

Phases, timeline

A Dh128 billion passenger terminal at DWC, which was unveiled this week, will increase passenger capacity to 260 million per year. In ten years, Dubai International Airport (DXB) will have all of its operations moved there.

The chief executive of the airport operator said that the change would be implemented gradually.

"Transporting the anticipated 120 million passengers from DXB to DWC in one go is unimaginable. It will need to be completed in stages, which we must clearly carefully plan and coordinate.

The airport would require "roughly two years" for operational testing following the completion of the design, procurement, and construction phases. You know, time will go by very rapidly, and before we realize it, it will arrive. There has never been an attempt this size before.

But the change will begin "very shortly." He emphasized that the DWC had been in operation for the previous fourteen years. The airport began accepting cargo in June 2010 and began accepting passenger flights in October 2013.

"There, at our passenger terminal, are roughly 32 million individuals. It is likely that we will begin transferring airline capacity to DWC before the major new terminal is finished. In the upcoming years, the current capacity will begin to be utilised in greater numbers."

News Source: Khaleej Times

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