More than 10 million people visited the Official Portal of the UAE Government in the 1st half of 2022

More than 10 million people visited the Official Portal of the UAE Government in the 1st half of 2022

The Telecommunications & Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced that more than 10 million people visited the Official Portal of the UAE Government (U.AE) during the first half of 2022, an increase of 26% against the same period of last year.

Visits to U.AE amounted to approximately 16 million, through which more than 24 million pages were viewed.

These results indicate the high value of U.AE as a prime source of information and services sought by the various customer target groups in the UAE and abroad, as well as the different companies and establishments. This development reflects the increased trust in U.AE content, and is a testament to the efforts by teams to keep pace with content development and daily update to be in line with new developments and cater to the visitors’ needs.

TDRA pointed out that the top accessed pages were those related to tracking visa applications & validity and pages related to traveling to the UAE. This is in addition to pages related to Emirates ID & Golden Visa.

Ms. Ahlam al-Feel, Director of Corporate Communications Department at TDRA, said,

"The U.AE portal is a key enabler of digital transformation in the UAE, consisting of comprehensive and detailed information on the UAE in terms of services, initiatives, projects, strategies, etc." Driven by such significance, the portal team is doubling the efforts to ensure an updated content tailored to the daily requirements of the public. The portal content is being co-developed where UAE government entities revise content belonging to them and revert back to the TDRA team for any required amendments. The team also receives a lot of feedback and suggestions by the customer audience and turns such data into input for development and improvement. These ongoing efforts have led to strengthening public trust in the content of the portal, as evidenced by search engine results."

She added,

"The portal’s contribution in promoting the digital presence of the UAE is attributed to the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, therefore, we are grateful to our colleagues in government entities for their continued efforts in this regard. We also thank the portal visitors for their interaction and assure them of further development and update in line with the culture of excellence and leadership, with which the UAE was always characterized."

TDRA pointed out that most users of the portal come from the UAE, followed by India, KSA, USA and Egypt respectively, while visitors of the age group 25-34 years visited the most.

The U.AE team relies on a detailed update plan based on the latest technology and software to provide an integrated digital platform hosting all information sought by visitors. This is in addition to hundreds of services and a great number of links and attachments that enrich the content of the site and enhance the user experience.

U.AE consists of four main sections, including:

Information & Services, About the UAE, eParticipation and Media.

The ‘Information and Services’ section incorporates topics like:

Employment, investment, tourism, infrastructure and visa systems, as well as a full list of all government services in the country.

Section 2 covers: the history of the UAE in its various eras, UAE's plans and strategies for shaping the future and achieving overall development, and UAE’s efforts in achieving the UN-set Sustainable Development Goals. In the e-participation section, there are many channels of communication with the UAE government, including feedback platforms, instant chat, and others.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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