Enjoy each moment of your life with LG XBOOM's enhanced audio quality and sleek design

Enjoy each moment of your life with LG XBOOM's enhanced audio quality and sleek design

The Stunning XBOOM 360 Audio Engineering Piece Will Change How You Experience Sound and Will be a Beautiful Addition to Your Surroundings

Gatherings are never complete without music, but not any speaker is capable of providing versatility and the needed multisensory experience that matches today’s lifestyle. Creating the right atmosphere for any occasion is no longer hard to achieve with LG Electronics (LG) XBOOM 360, designed to deliver excellent sound with minimal distortion.

It offers mood lighting that comes in three different presets – Ambient, Nature, and Party – as well as a range of customizable lighting options and sound effects that fit your exact mood. LG XBOOM 360 from LG Electronics will not only accompany you at your home or your outdoor activities, but it will also be a trendy addition to your workspace. Turn your favorite space into a listening sweet spot and discover some tips for the best activities with LG’s newest wireless speaker XBOOM 360.

Grab & Go

LG XBOOM 360 has an aluminum handle that enhances mobility and convenience for any outdoor activity, making it easy to move. With a built-in battery that lasts for almost 10 hours, the LG XBOOM 360 will keep going for hours on end and secures a generous time of premium sound experience that will save ignite the atmosphere wherever it is placed. Additionally, the LG XBOOM 360 will fill the entire space with natural and consistently high-quality, omnidirectional audio making it a great accessory without the struggle of moving around to find the listening spot.

Decorate & Innovate

LG XBOOM 360 is designed to perfectly match your surroundings. Its attractive conical-cylindrical shape is created to add warmth and sophistication to your space which is styled with aesthetic beauty through its colors that blend harmoniously with whatever outdoor theme you have in mind. Cozy, summery, meditation or even party mode will all have their coloring styles to match your mood. Your space will be perfectly designed with a premium piece that will complete your experience on different occasions with colors inspired by everyday life, festivals, and nature reflecting the right ambiance for every moment.

Clear Sound Units

A Titanium Tweeter expresses accurate, and detailed treble while the glass fiber woofer creates rich, and dynamic bass, delivering high-quality sounds. The 5.25-inch woofer is made of lighter material with good elasticity and produces dynamic low-end and cleaner vocals. The structure of the duct delivers deep bass and rich, detailed sound offering you the chance to listen to your favorite songs as clearly as possible, whether indoors or outdoors, the LG XBOOM 360 envelops listeners in rich, detailed audio, bringing a sense of three-dimensional vitality to every genre of music.

For Business & Personal Use

The LG XBOOM 360 is designed to match all lifestyle aspects including your workplace. This device can be an essential addition to your work environment. LG XBOOM 360 can support your work events, work gatherings, and even your celebrations. By downloading the app, you will be able to customize lighting and choose from 16.8 million colors to enhance your immersion and elevate daily moments every time you listen to music.

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