Quoz Arts Fest contributes to creating sustainable creative environment

Quoz Arts Fest contributes to creating sustainable creative environment

In line with our efforts to support local creative initiatives, Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), visited the 10th Quoz Arts Fest that took place under the theme 'Shift Away', with over 200 activities and over 50 creative concepts hosted by Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

This year, the festival's activities offered a diverse set of interactive experiences, artwork, installations and activities across three portals: Shift to Cyborg, Shift to Nature, and Shift to Childhood.

During her tour, Badri was briefed on the creations of emerging Emirati talents from Zayed University graduates within the exhibition titled 'It's a Sunny Day, Let's Dance and Pray'. Organised by the university in cooperation with Jossa Space by Alserkal, the works were distinguished by their strong harmony with the theme of the festival's tenth edition. Curated by Walter Williams, the exhibition featured a rich programme of talks, workshops and tours aimed at helping audiences dive deeper into concepts relating to nature, sustainability, arts and digital culture.

The visit also included Leila Heller Gallery within the festival, touring its three main sections: the 'Now and Forever' exhibition by the Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, who presents his philosophy that everything we say and do in life has a ripple effect and forever alters the course of events; 'The Missing Witness' exhibition by the artist Behrang Samadzadegan who seeks to imagine and recreate history by drawing its mysterious aspects; and the 'My Name Is Chance' exhibition by artist Arash Nazari, whose paintings showcase the contrast between unique classical art of miniature and the colour tones from contemporary minimalist art.

She also visited 'Concrete' in Alserkal Avenue, which is hosting a thought-provoking interactive and immersive experience titled 'As Water Falls' created by Montreal-based digital art studio Iregular. She also attended Timo Nasseri’s site-specific 'Sentinels I-IV' and Gil Heitor Cortesão’s 5th solo exhibition with CARBON 12, 'À Rebours’.

Badri praised the quality of the work presented at the Quoz Arts Fest and affirmed the importance of the support it provides to talent. She stressed that the festival enriches the local cultural and artistic scene, and aligns with the Authority's commitment to creating a sustainable creative environment capable of attracting creatives from all over the world.

This year's edition of Quoz Arts Fest also included a variety of other exhibitions across Al Quoz, including Mini, Festival X, Trezora, Parallel Space, The Smash Room and others, in addition to musical works and performances by artists Bu Kolthoum, Saint Levant, Big Hass, DJ Patchoulee and Omar Musa, among others.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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