Ramadan 2024 in MENA: Consumer Spendings, Social Media Trends, and Mentions

Ramadan 2024 in MENA: Consumer Spendings, Social Media Trends, and Mentions

Sprinklr, a worldwide tool for managing customer experiences, has shared findings about the most popular words and mentions related to Ramadan on social media during the sacred month.

In recent years, social media has played an increasingly significant role in Ramadan observance, offering a platform for Muslims to connect, share experiences, and express their faith.

Using the social listening capabilities of Sprinklr Insights, below is an overview of the topics that have been discussed on social media during Ramadan, mentions per demographics, peak engagement time, and more.

Consumer Spending - Global Mentions:

  • Food: Leading with 4,260 mentions, discussions about food during Ramadan highlight the significance of culinary traditions and practices associated with breaking the fast (Iftar) and pre-dawn meal (Suhoor).
  • Travel: With 1,490 mentions, conversations about travel during Ramadan may signify pilgrimage preparations, family visits, or holiday travel during the holy month.
  • Charity: Generating 1,170 mentions, discussions about charity underscore the importance of giving and philanthropy during Ramadan, reflecting the spirit of compassion and generosity.
  • Prayer: With 1,160 mentions, conversations about prayer highlight the central role of spiritual practices, including daily prayers and special prayers during Ramadan.
  • Iftaar: Closing the list with 1,110 mentions, discussions about Iftar signify the communal aspect of breaking the fast and the anticipation of shared meals and gatherings.
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Most Talked About Hashtags:

  • #رمضان (Ramadan in Arabic): Leading with 1.64 million mentions, this hashtag signifies the widespread discussion and engagement surrounding Ramadan.
  • #ramadan: Garnering 803,280 mentions, this hashtag reflects the global interest in Ramadan-related conversations.
  • #رمضان_مبارك: With 515,540 mentions, this hashtag emphasizes the blessings and well-wishes exchanged during Ramadan.
  • #رمضان_كريم: This hashtag generated 244,130 mentions, highlighting the theme of generosity and kindness during the holy month.
  • #ramadankareem: Closing the top five with 172,150 mentions, this hashtag echoes the sentiments of wishing others a generous and noble Ramadan.

Language Distribution:

  • Arabic: Dominating 10,317,017 mentions, Arabic emerges as the primary language for discussing Ramadan on social media, reflecting its cultural significance in predominantly Arabic-speaking regions.
  • English: With 5,842,130 mentions, English-language discussions about Ramadan indicate its global reach and multicultural engagement.
  • Indonesian: Contributing to 1,910,274 mentions, the Indonesian language reflects the significant participation of the Indonesian Muslim community in Ramadan conversations.
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Peak Engagement Time:

Mentions per hour peaked on March 10, indicating a particular date of heightened engagement and activity surrounding Ramadan discussions. This could be attributed to significant events, announcements, or discussions related to Ramadan observance.

Ramadan – Total mention in the Middle East

Middle East: With a total of 2,685,053 mentions, the Middle East emerges as a region with significant engagement and active participation in Ramadan-related conversations on social media platforms.

Specific cities:

  • Dubai: With 54,400 mentions, Dubai stands out as a significant hub of Ramadan discussions, reflecting the city's cultural diversity and social media presence during the holy month.
  • Riyadh: Leading with 197,500 mentions, Riyadh emerges as a central location for Ramadan-related conversations in the Middle East, highlighting its cultural significance and active engagement in social media discourse.
  • Jeddah: With 70,200 mentions, Jeddah also plays a notable role in Ramadan conversations, indicating its cultural importance and active participation in social media discussions surrounding the holy month.​​​​​​​
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Ramadan - Total Mentions in Asia:

  • Total: With 21,058,399 mentions, discussions about Ramadan in Asia reflect the holy month's significant cultural and religious importance in the region.
  • Riyadh: Leading with 197,500 mentions, the city of Riyadh stands out as a hub of Ramadan-related discussions in the Middle East, indicating its cultural significance and active social media presence during Ramadan.
  • Lagos: With 89,500 mentions, conversations about Ramadan in Lagos highlight the multicultural and religious diversity of Ramadan observance in Africa.
  • Cairo: Garnering 89,700 mentions, discussions about Ramadan in Cairo underscore Ramadan's cultural richness and historical significance in Egypt and the wider Arab world.

These insights provide a comprehensive overview of the social media conversations surrounding Ramadan 2024, shedding light on the most talked-about topics, hashtags, languages, and regional engagement patterns during the holy month.

News Source: Communicate Online

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