Red Crescent & Mubadala Health launch philanthropic campaign for childless families

Red Crescent & Mubadala Health launch philanthropic campaign for childless families

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERC) and Mubadala Health have signed an agreement to launch a charitable initiative to help underprivileged couples who are having difficulty conceiving naturally by providing advanced diagnostic services and IVF treatments free of charge.

Eligible couples will have access to HealthPlus Fertility’s network of centres and satellite clinics across the UAE, providing better coverage and accessibility to advanced IVF services. HealthPlus Fertility is a Mubadala Health partner and part of United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical).

The initiative is in line with Emirates Red Crescent’s role in providing aid and assistance to vulnerable groups and the needy, and as a voluntary relief organisation that adheres to the humanitarian mission of helping others.

It also comes as part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of Mubadala Health to support and give back to the local community by providing financial support to couples with limited income. In the past, HealthPlus Fertility has launched several charitable initiatives, including pledging AED1.5 million to provide fertility treatments to couples in 2018 to mark the ‘Year of Giving’.

The corporation agreement was signed by Salem Al Rayyes Al Ameri, Deputy Secretary-General for Local Affairs of the Red Crescent, and Majd Abu Zant, CEO of UEMedical.

Dr. Mohammed Ateeq Al Falahi, Secretary-General of the ERC, stressed the importance of the initiative in helping childless couples.

"In collaboration with Mubadala Health and HealthPlus Fertility, we are extremely pleased to launch this initiative, which will open the door for childless couples to seek the assistance and the medical care they need to help them conceive. Couples with limited income, who are in need of such treatments, are required to register and submit a formal application along with some official documents. Eligible couples will be contacted and advised to visit one of HealthPlus Fertility’s centres in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, with Red Crescent covering their treatment cost from the proceeds of donations received through this initiative. This reflects on the role of the Emirates Red Crescent as the link between donors and those in need."

"Choosing Mubadala Health and HealthPlus Fertility as our partner in this humanitarian initiative underlines our commitment to provide world-class treatments to people, which in turn can result in positive clinical outcomes and successful pregnancies. It also provides broader access to a larger number of couples as HealthPlus Fertility is considered one of the largest IVF networks in the region," he added.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, CEO of Mubadala Health, commented,

"As an integrated healthcare network, we are also fully aware of the impact we have on all aspects of society, and we are confident that this initiative, in collaboration with Red Crescent, will give hope to many underprivileged couples in the country who are in need of assisted reproductive treatments. HealthPlus Fertility’s network has provided care for thousands of couples since its launch in 2010, and we look forward to providing care to couples referred by the Emirates Red Crescent under this humanitarian initiative."

For his part, Abu Zant said,

"This initiative could not have come at a better time with the increasing burden that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on people’s emotional and financial well-being. Together, we hope to help as many couples who are unable to afford assisted reproductive treatments and who suffer from infertility problems or risk passing hereditary diseases to their children. Each couple referred by Red Crescent under this campaign will be evaluated carefully by our IVF experts to determine the most suitable treatment plan to achieve the best possible clinical outcome."

"Underprivileged couples who are afraid of passing a hereditary disease to their child or have a child with a specific genetic disorder can also apply to this initiative. For those couples, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing will be performed to ensure that we can transfer a healthy embryo,"

"Couples should submit a request through the communications channels announced via the Red Crescent. Depending on the criteria, eligible couples will be referred to a special committee to evaluate the case, and then the couple would visit one of HealthPlus’ IVF physicians near to their location,"

HealthPlus Fertility is now part of Mubadala Health’s network, following Mubadala Health’s acquisition of a majority stake in United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical) in 2021.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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