RTA Runs 5 Government Innovation Labs on Artificial Intelligence, Circular Economy, and Traffic Safety

RTA Runs 5 Government Innovation Labs on Artificial Intelligence, Circular Economy, and Traffic Safety

During the second half of 2023, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) organised 5 innovation labs at its Mobility Research and Innovation Centre located at the University of Birmingham in Dubai.

The labs included activities related to the Traffic and Roads Agency, Rail Agency, and the Corporate Administrative Support Services sector, in addition to the Public Transport Agency and the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.

Traffic Safety and Artificial Intelligence

“The innovation labs addressed objectives and issues related to the roles and responsibilities of each agency. The innovation lab of the Traffic and Roads Agency shed light on the importance of enhancing traffic safety in the field of motorcycle delivery services as well as the safety of bicycle and e-scooter users, in addition to promoting pedestrian safety,”

said Fatima Al Mandoos, Director of Innovation & Pioneering, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA.

“The Rail Agency Lab aimed to introduce proactive services for users by employing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to sustain assets and enhance operational efficiencies and services. The lab also discussed areas for improving metro station services and sustainable transportation using modern technologies,”

said Al Mandoos.

Circular Economy

The lab of the Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector focused on the circular economy and RTA's efforts and initiatives in recycling paper waste and plastic cards. It also addressed the installation of green chargers aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the implementation of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system on all buildings and facilities of the RTA.

The lab also showcased RTA's experience in extending the lifespan of products and facilitating repair through the Dubai Metro maintenance system. It also highlighted the use of 3D printing in product design and the implementation of an initiative to recycle aluminium license plate numbers.

Finding Solutions

The lab of the Public Transport Agency was an interactive brainstorming session aimed at finding solutions to four challenges: adherence to bus schedules, school bus timings, fine collection, and asset management.

The brainstorming session on the bus schedules focused on identifying the challenges and solutions. These solutions included time management and scheduling based on occupancy levels, expediting ticket validation, improving data exchange with partners, and enhancing demand management. The school bus timings lab reviewed solutions such as the improvement of governance, scheduling, and the integration systems between RTA and operators.

Concerning asset management, a range of solutions were presented, such as employing technology for continuous asset monitoring through alert notifications, providing appropriate training for employees to ensure adherence to workplace safety systems and tools.

nol Card Improvement

The lab of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector aimed to enhance innovation and develop ideas and solutions for nol card services to become a leading entity in the fields of ticketing, payments, and digital banking features through Fintech.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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