Sharjah announces 50% discount on fines

Sharjah announces 50% discount on fines

Under the leadership of the Crown Prince, the Sharjah Executive Council made a decision on Tuesday to offer a 50 percent reduction in the total financial fines arising from municipal violations. This discount applies to fines issued prior to the scheme's announcement and remains valid for a period of 90 days.

During the meeting, the SEC addressed various matters concerning the advancement of governmental operations and outlined strategies to enhance the emirate with innovative services and fresh development initiatives.

The Council also made a decision regarding providing aid to homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters in Sharjah. According to this decision, the Department of Social Services is tasked with offering assistance to those affected whose homes have been damaged due to natural disasters.

This decision outlines the prerequisites for requesting assistance, the evaluation of damage's impact conducted by the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority, and the aid amount to be granted for determined damages by the Department of Social Services, following the guidelines specifying the value of assistance attached to the decision, in addition to several legal provisions.

Moreover, the Council passed a resolution to affiliate the Dog Care Centre in Sharjah, which falls under the purview of the Environment and Natural Reserves Authority, with the Sharjah Sports Council.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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