Talabat launches ChatGPT-powered AI grocery shopping assistant for select customers

Talabat launches ChatGPT-powered AI grocery shopping assistant for select customers

Now, delivery app can find recipes, pick ingredients from online shop in an instant.

Starting Monday, select customers of delivery app Talabat will be able to use AI to make shopping easier.

Using generative artificial intelligence (AI), subscribers of app’s pro version will be able to use the new shopping assistant to search for recipes and identify available ingredients at the time of grocery shopping.

The ChatGPT-powered AI grocery shopping assistant makes Talabat the first everyday delivery app to introduce it in the MENA region. The Beta version of the service will be launched on Monday and users will continue to receive updates and enhancements following its launch.

This latest feature is part of the tech company’s commitment to enhancing customer experience through innovation. The feature was the outcome of a recent hackathon held at at their headquarters in the UAE, which houses more than 450 product and tech engineers.

“[This service] was built by leveraging ChatGPT by OpenAI with the aim of exploring new, tech-enabled ways to enhance customer experience,”

said Yi-Wei Ang, Chief Product Officer at talabat.

“We go the extra mile to consistently elevate our offerings, with a firm commitment to lead innovation in the everyday delivery industry and transform how users engage with apps.”

Recipes, tips and more

Once a customer puts in their request through the chat, the new grocery shopping assistant will provide all the necessary cooking steps for the recipe, as well as ingredients available from the nearest talabat Mart store to help execute their searched dish. Users can also ask the assistant for cooking tips and suitable complimentary dishes, as well as nutritional information.

Available in both English and Arabic, the service will make it easier for users to plan meals and prepare grocery lists. Following its Beta version launch in the UAE, ‘talabat AI’ will be rolled out to subscribers in Kuwait and other markets. The innovative solution will be launched to more users across the region throughout the year.

Using AI for grocery shopping has the potential for minimizing food waste and cutting down on costs according to several international studies. In the US, Walmart has been using AI on its app to make the shopping experience easier for its customers.


Several customers have reacted with mixed feelings about the new feature being rolled out by Talabat.

“I am interested in how the feature will be,”

said Dubai resident Mohammed Yahya.

“I live alone and cook for just myself. Sometimes I forget to buy all the ingredients when I shop at the grocery or something I make too much and have to throw out some of the food. I think having AI and a grocery app in the same place will make life a lot easier for me.”

However, not everyone was convinced about it.

“I don’t know if I will use it even though I am a pro subscriber,”

said Ninu.

“I am very particular about my recipes, and I prefer to ask people I trust for them rather than depend on an app. I will check out the feature, but I don’t know if I will actually use it regularly.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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