Tania's Teahouse Announce Opening of Its Flagship Eatery in Dubai

Tania's Teahouse Announce Opening of Its Flagship Eatery in Dubai

Get ready, Dubai! The wait is finally over as Tania Lodi opens the doors to her new flagship eatery, Tania's Teahouse.

Located in Dubai Hills, this exciting new site is brimming with upgrades and her magic touch. It has been designed to meet your cravings for in-house dining, catering, and unforgettable events.

The new location features an expanded dine-in area and three distinct event spaces that can host up to 135 people. Tania's glow-up features neutral tones with pops of vibrant colour, designed in collaboration with Collectus Studio, a local interior design studio. 

"We've all grown up! It's been six years since we launched, and we wanted to create a space that reflects that maturity for us and our amazing customers. Expect a bigger, airier, and more neutral space to relax and unwind all day long."

It's all about attention to detail, with the lighting carefully considered for a cosy feel and plants featured throughout to help boost your mood, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Look out for the artwork, curated book selection, eclectic furniture pieces, ceramics, and trinkets, many of which are sourced from the local interior brand Urban Nest.

A secret door leads to the Tea Room. A comfy and intimate lounge area, it has a speakeasy vibe with moody lighting and jewel-tone finishings. It's the perfect spot to indulge in Tania's much-loved drinks menu, which has had a massive upgrade. The space is licensed, and yes, that means some tea-riffic cocktails await!

"Each drink targets specific health concerns or supports certain mind-body functions. Functional mushrooms are my latest discovery, and their calming effects are a powerful addition to our wellness arsenal. We were one of the first to recognise their potential in the region!"

Dive into its revamped menu, which includes mouthwatering breakfast, salads, snackage, and main options. As always, Tania wants to be inclusive of her diner's diverse needs, so she ensures plenty of nutritious options for everyone, with protein add-ons and gluten-free choices as just some examples.

Believing that food is medicine, she ensures her dishes are not only packed with nutrients but also feature some hidden health benefits.

"Take our passion fruit creme brulee—it's infused with Cordyceps mushrooms for a subtle wellness boost,"

says Lodi. The team also tries to make the most of its ingredients, now baking their bread in-house and naturally colouring it with tea leaves for some dishes.

"My mission with Tania's Teahouse has always been to turn my painful and uncontrollable health journey into something positive that helps others. It's my purpose,"

she explains.

"Functional wellness and the mind-body connection are my passions. They've been instrumental in helping me manage Lyme disease and Lupus. I've endured harsh treatments, and through it all, I've learned to listen to my body's needs. Sometimes, patience and gentleness are the best medicine,"

she adds.

Tania's branches are ever-evolving to become multi-purpose venues, ideal for remote work, casual rendezvous, family gatherings, and celebratory affairs. This is just the beginning for Tania's flagship, with the team in its soft launch in the coming weeks.

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