TDRA's GSB hits milestone of one billion processed transactions

TDRA's GSB hits milestone of one billion processed transactions

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced that the Government Service Bus (GSB) has processed more than one billion transactions, demonstrating the successful integration and interdependence of government services, and the implementation of the Whole-of-Government Approach to better serve customers.

The GSB initiative connects the services of federal and local government entities in a seamless manner, with the ability to share data between systems to provide fast and efficient services to various segments of customers around the clock.

Mohammad Al Zarooni, TDRA Deputy Director General for Information and Digital Government Sector, said,

"The GSB is a key component of TDRA's Digital Government Strategy, and it supports the digital transformation efforts at the federal level, in line with the leadership's vision to place customers at the center of government attention and provide services that enhance the happiness of society. We are pleased with the high level of adoption of the GSB, which demonstrates the partners' interest in strengthening government integration to better serve customers."

Al Zarooni added,

"This service is the result of collaboration between more than 200 federal, local, and private entities, which offer a total of 470 integrated services that benefit from the GSB, where data is automatically shared according to the requirements of each transaction."

The GSB initiative is a crucial enabler for both government and private entities, as it allows them to offer their services in an integrated manner with seamless exchange of data between their systems, reducing the need for customers to move from one entity to another to obtain government services.

The GSB provides an integration platform for federal government entities to integrate with each other. It also facilitates integration with local government entities through a data carrier with each emirate. The GSB allows integration between federal and private entities by benefiting from federal and local government services. The GSB is in line with the main goal of the UAE Government in adopting an "integrated government" approach regarding the services of the participating entities and the ICT infrastructure that supports them.

The GSB is one of the services provided by FedNet. It contributes to improving user experience and enabling government entities to easily access multi-source data.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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