Enjoy the orange-hued sky, here are the best sunrise and sunset spots in Dubai

Enjoy the orange-hued sky, here are the best sunrise and sunset spots in Dubai

Ever wished you could breathe in a beautiful sunrise or sunset along with the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline? Then keep on reading! A middle eastern sunset is known for its perfectly harmonized and magnificent hues of warm orange and purple tones that are spread across the sky like a painting coming to life. Dubai being situated along the Persian Gulf, the sunrise and sunsets are one of the most sought-after sights to see in this glorious city. Dubai’s sunset is such that you can see the beauty of it from anywhere in the city even from your balcony or a nearby park. However, there are spots to watch this picturesque sunrise and sunsets in Dubai. Here’s a list of the best sunrise and sunsets spots in Dubai:

1. At the Top - Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in Dubai no doubt it is the best place to watch sunrise or sunsets in Dubai. Known for its extraordinary fireworks and LED light shows on New Year’s Eve, when you book your tickets to At the Top, Burj Khalifa, your tour stars from the outdoor terrace on the 148th floor. You’ll then be guided towards level 124 and 125 for a panoramic 360-degree view of Dubai. You can enjoy the beautiful and breath-taking views of the sunset or sunrise along with the unbelievable sights of Dubai. In the mornings, you even get to enjoy a light and yummy breakfast given at the Café there. Don’t miss your chance to this once in a lifetime experience!

Cost: Starting from AED 359 (Prices vary according to the package you choose)

Timings: 5:30 AM onwards

Ticket prices: Adults - AED 135 | Children - AED 100

2. The View at the Palm

Ever imagined what the Palm Jumeriah looks like from a height? Now imagine viewing the beauty of the Palm Jumeirah and a magnificent sunset, an experience like no other! Located 240m high, the observation deck on level 52 at The Palm Tower gives you a never seen before 360-degree panorama view of the Palm Jumeriah with the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf and a view of Dubai’s spectacular skyline in the distance. Palm Jumeirah is truly a stunning proof of the modern-day architectural brilliance that Dubai is popularly known for. This epic man-made island resembling the shape of a palm tree is a sight of wonder to the eyes and when that mixes with the hues of the orange sky, the view is completely magical.

Location: The View at The Palm, Dubai

Cost: AED 100

Timing: 9am-10pm

3. Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is another splendid location to experience a beautiful sunrise or sunset in Dubai. As the sunlight touches this historical body of water, you’re treated to a view out of a dream. Dubai Creek is a narrow-sheltered waterway that divides Dubai into Bur Dubai and New Dubai and is particularly known for its romantic atmosphere during sunrise and sunsets.  The beauty you’ll witness here during a beautiful sunrise or sunset is such that you’ll feel yourself getting detached from any distractions around you. You can also take an Abra and enjoy the unruffled breeze along with pleasant views of the colorful sky. If you like to indulge yourself in an out of the box sunrise experience, then this place is ideal for you!

Timings: 6:00 AM onwards

4. Kite Beach

From adrenaline-rushing water sport activities to cozy cafes and restaurants, there is so much for you to do and enjoy at the Kite Beach in Dubai. But when it’s time for a beautiful sunrise or sunset, drop everything and enjoy the magical moment. The Kite Beach is one of the most famous and cleanest beaches in Dubai with an added beauty element of the majestic view of Burj Al Arab in its backdrop. The glorious Burj Al Arab being in the background of your sunrise or sunset photos will make your photos look even more beautiful. You can also enjoy some fun kite surfing and kayaking, and the beach even has jogging tracks and a kids play area. So, there’s something for everyone at this amazing beach!

Location:  35 A St - Dubai

5. Al Jaddaf

If you are looking for a peaceful and secluded place to watch the sunrise or sunset in Dubai, then Al Jaddaf is your place to go. This vast hotel hub is usually not too crowded hence, a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset in peace. It’ s one of the best places in Dubai to appreciate the magnificent beauty of nature. Dubai Creek borders Al Jaddaf from north and south and therefore one can easily hail a boat from there, have a tour around the city and enjoy a pleasant sunrise.

6. Al Qudra

Al Qudra Lake is a man-made desert oasis that brings the experience of both a beach and desert together. You can watch the sunset at the lake and as the sunlight hits the water it creates beautiful illusions of the colorful sky mixed with the reflecting water body. Being in the middle of the desert, it is a sight to behold to see such a serene lake. Reach early and you’ll also get to see some birds, swans, goose, and flamingos.  Besides this magnificent lake in Al Qudra, there are two other lakes that are just as beautiful and out of this world as you can imagine. The Love Lake and The Moon Lake are both uniquely shaped in the shape of a heart and moon respectively. A truly extraordinary sight to witness the magical beauty of a sunrise or sunset in Dubai.

7. Ain Dubai

Another amazing spot to view the picturesque sunrise or sunset in Dubai is the Ain Dubai that is in Bluewater’s Island. Whether you witness it from being inside the deck (once it reopens) or with the Ain Dubai being in the background, sunrise or sunsets near Ain Dubai are truly a different experience. The Ain Dubai is currently closed for the summer, in the meantime you can enjoy the view of the sunrise or sunset with Ain Dubai’s beautiful surroundings. There is also a beach at the Bluewater’s Island, which brings you the glistening water, beachside entertainment, and plenty of cool restaurants overlooking the sky. Truly an amazing experience!

8. Hatta

When we talk about beautiful sunrise and sunset views, we can’t not talk about the magnificent Hatta area. A 150 km drive to the border of Oman, Hatta is an exclave of Dubai placed high in the Hajar Mountains. It has some of the most gorgeous scenery in the entire UAE, with stunning mountains, Hatta Dam, and the 16th century Hatta Fort are all awesome places to catch while enjoying the serene orange hued sky. The drive all the way there is worth it with the stunning views of the sky and of the surroundings. This is the best and the most popular spot to enjoy the beautiful views of a sunset in Dubai while being on a picnic with your family.

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