The Ultimate Guide to Not Missing Out on Dubai Shopping Festival's Grand Finale

The Ultimate Guide to Not Missing Out on Dubai Shopping Festival's Grand Finale

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), known as one of the most anticipated shopping extravaganzas globally, culminates its season with a grand finale you wouldn't want to miss. Spanning from December 8, 2023, to January 14, 2024, this festival isn't just about shopping; it's a cultural phenomenon that has grown since 1996 to become a centrepiece in Dubai's tourism and retail sectors.

As the festival approaches its last week, there's an electrifying air of anticipation with the promise of exclusive retail promotions, sales offering unbeatable deals, and discounts that can shoot up to 90% at participating outlets. But the allure of DSF extends beyond just shopping. The festival is a spectacle of culture and entertainment, hosting concerts featuring international celebrities, family-oriented activities, and live entertainment that transforms Dubai into a vibrant, global stage.

In the final week, expect the city to buzz with excitement as the festival pulls out all the stops. From the dazzling fireworks that light up the sky to the raffles promising life-changing prizes, every moment is designed to create an unforgettable experience. Whether it's the fashion shows setting trends for the year ahead or the concerts that have you dancing the night away, DSF ensures that there's something for everyone.

DSF is where friends and families come together, where strangers bond over shared experiences, and where the spirit of Dubai – ambitious, luxurious, and welcoming – is on full display. Prepare your calendars and get your itineraries ready to embrace the spectacular grand finale of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

What to shop?

Gold and Jewelry: Dubai's illustrious gold souks, like the Dubai Gold Souk and Meena Bazaar, beckon with glittering gold and diamond jewellery. Whether you're looking for intricate traditional designs or modern pieces, find bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are as opulent as they are unique. Plus, with the shopping festival at its closing stages, you might find amazing discounts in places you’d least expect. Get out there and make the most of your jewellery shopping.

Spices and Perfumes: Explore a fragrant world at the festival with both international and local perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare at reduced prices. Treat yourself to luxury beauty items like Chanel No. 5 or local oud perfumes. Don't forget to wander through the aromatic aisles of Dubai's spice markets, offering everything from saffron to sumac. Might be the best time to get that coveted perfume you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Textile and Carpets: Immerse yourself in a sea of fabrics ranging from lush silks to crisp cotton, perfect for crafting a unique wardrobe. Dubai's marketplaces are also renowned for their luxurious carpets and rugs, offering Persian, Oriental, and modern designs to adorn your floors. Top fashion brands, such as Zara, H&M, and more, will also showcase some of their best work for less, so what time better than now to grab it before it’s all sold out?

Electronic Gadgets: The festival is the perfect time to update your tech arsenal. Find the latest iPhone, cutting-edge Samsung TVs, or innovative Sony cameras at significantly discounted prices. Enjoy unbeatable deals on top brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG, whether you're in the market for new laptops, tablets, or home appliances.

Luxury Goods: Revel in the elegance of designer clothing from iconic labels from across the world. Elevate your style with luxury accessories and handbags from designer brands such as Louis Vuitton or Prada. For an unforgettable statement, invest in sophisticated timepieces from exclusive watch boutiques featuring brands like Rolex and Omega.

Where to shop?

The Dubai Mall: As a beacon of Dubai's retail luxury, The Dubai Mall offers an expansive array of shops and entertainment options. Over 1,200 stores present everything from coveted luxury brands to popular high-street names. Enjoy the Dubai Fountain's aquatic ballet or discover marine life at the vast Dubai Aquarium. Culinary enthusiasts can delight in global dining options, making the mall not just a shopping destination but a place of diverse experiences.

Ibn Battuta Mall: Embark on a historical journey at Ibn Battuta Mall, where six courts represent the regions explored by the legendary traveller. Shop amidst the unique architecture of China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Andalusia. Each corner of the mall offers a distinct array of shops and dining experiences, ensuring a blend of cultural enrichment and retail therapy.

Deira City Centre: Nestled in Dubai's historical district, Deira City Centre is known for its wide variety of stores and central location. Catering to an array of tastes and preferences, the mall becomes an even more bustling shopping haven during the festival, offering an array of international brands and local finds. With its family-friendly environment and proximity to cultural landmarks, it's a perfect blend of shopping and cultural exploration.

Dubai Festival City Mall: As a lifestyle hub, Dubai Festival City Mall combines shopping, dining, and entertainment. Home to diverse retail outlets and culinary spots, it's an ideal place for families and individuals alike. The IMAGINE show adds a touch of spectacle with its stunning light and water displays, enriching the shopping experience with visual delight.

Outlet Mall: For those looking for the best deals, Dubai’s Outlet Mall is a sanctuary of savings. Known for offering an extensive range of products at discounted prices, it's a hotspot for fashion, electronics, and more. The relaxed and spacious atmosphere makes it an enjoyable shopping experience for the whole family.

Souks: Dubai's traditional souks are the heart and soul of the city's commercial heritage. The Gold Souk shines with jewellery and precious stones, while the Spice Souk offers aromatic treasures. The Textile Souk is a colourful array of fabrics, and the Perfume Souk presents an array of scents. Souk Madinat Jumeirah, with its traditional charm and modern boutiques, offers a picturesque shopping experience. Each souk promises a unique and vibrant shopping adventure, adding a cultural essence to the festival's retail offerings.

Must-visit event!

Etisalat MOTB

Etisalat Market Outside The Box (MOTB) is part of the Dubai Shopping Festival's (DSF) wide array of events, known for its spectacular retail experiences, deals, and entertainment. The event, set in the creative hub of Dubai Design District (d3) from January 5 to 14, 2024, is a trendy outdoor market offering a blend of local and international brands, delicious food, and live entertainment. It's a space where one can shop for unique fashion finds, indulge in culinary delights, and enjoy hourly entertainment, all for free!


Stalls and Offerings:

Alien Burgers: Known for its secret recipes and "extraterrestrial" burgers, Alien Burgers offers a unique twist to the classic burger with special sauces and dips, promising a mouthwatering experience for all burger enthusiasts.

Vietnamese Foodies: A hit for those who love the light and healthy flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. Their menu includes phos, banh mis, and Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls), all inspired by the vibrant streets of Saigon.

Tiger Sugar: This stall brings the famed Taiwanese black sugar boba milk tea to Dubai. Their beverages are not only delicious but also visually appealing with signature black sugar stripes.

Rosa's Thai: Offers authentic Thai cuisine with a menu boasting classics like Tom Yum soup, Penang curry, and mango sticky rice, promising a culinary journey to Thailand.

Streetery: A food hall offering a variety of Asian street food options, including Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Korean, ensuring a flavorful adventure.

Mamacita: Celebrates Latin American cuisine with a variety of dishes like tacos, nachos, and quesadillas, all made with bold flavours and authentic recipes.

RARE: A gourmet experience focusing on top-quality cuts of Japanese and Latin American meats, presented with attention to detail and cooked to perfection.

Sweet on Wheels: Specializes in sweet treats such as mini pancakes, crepes, waffles, and ice cream rolls, perfect for dessert lovers.


Categories and Brands:


Raï the Local: Offers contemporary flair with traditional craftsmanship, featuring kaftans and abayas complemented by extravagant clutches.

Lurk in Shrubs: Features over 500 different sock designs, bringing style to the often-overlooked accessory.

ODIS Studio: Presents minimalist jewellery inspired by architectural concepts, crafted from 100% recycled silver and gold.

Cléio & Co: Offers a wide range of trendy fashion items for various occasions, continually updating with the season’s hottest trends.

Home and Lifestyle:

Pamukme: Focuses on eco-friendly 100% cotton products from Turkey, including luxurious beach towels, bedspreads, and more.


Swey Collective: Offers premium, design-forward eyewear from the UAE, with a range of modern and classic styles.

Sustainable Fashion:

Rewind Apparel: Committed to sustainable and comfortable clothing crafted from premium eco-friendly materials.

Veganologie: Known for its 100% sustainable accessories, including bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Unique Finds:

Horrible Pear: Offers a unique collection of handmade products with a vibrant fusion of colours and textures.

Adore Sand: Specializes in 100% natural palm wax candles inspired by the UAE landscape.


Key Attractions:

321 Festival: A special event marking the closing weekend of DSF at Skydive Dubai. It features live concerts, immersive shows, and a drone show.

Live Performances: The event features a lineup of musicians, bands, and artists performing throughout the duration, offering a variety of genres and styles.

Interactive Activities: Designed to engage visitors of all ages, including hourly entertainment, fitness activities, and special zones for Gen Z attendees.


Check Brand Stalls Individually: Many brands may have promotions or offers that they announce closer to the event date or at the stall itself. It's always a good idea to visit each brand's stall or their official websites/social media channels for the latest information.

DSF Specials: As part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, many participants and brands usually have special deals, offers, or exclusive products. Keep an eye out for announcements on the DSF website or at the event.

Social Media & Apps: Follow the official DSF social media channels, and related brand channels, for real-time updates on deals and offers. The SHARE Rewards app is also mentioned to participate in specific promotions.

As the final days of the Dubai Shopping Festival approach, seize the moment to immerse yourself in the unparalleled shopping extravaganza. These iconic destinations offer more than just shopping; they promise an experience filled with luxury, culture, and entertainment.

Whether you're captivated by the allure of luxury brands, the charm of traditional souks, or the thrill of unbeatable deals, Dubai's retail havens have something special waiting for you. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the festivity, excitement, and incredible offers that only the Dubai Shopping Festival can provide!

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