UAE: Top 8 shopping hacks that will help you save up to 60%

UAE: Top 8 shopping hacks that will help you save up to 60%

Buying the right thing at the right time is important to save money, and technology could come in handy.

Shopping is a favourite pastime for many people in the UAE, and with the vast range of retail options available, it is easy to overspend. However, with the right hacks, shoppers can save up to 60 per cent of their money, an expert has said.

Amjad Ashraf, co-founder, and CEO of Chum (price comparing app), explained the hacks that help you save money while shopping in the UAE.

Shop during sale periods

The UAE is known for its frequent sales events, where customers can take advantage of discounted prices and special offers on various products. These include seasonal, clearance and festive sales and can be an excellent opportunity to save money. During the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) event, which runs from June 29 to September 3, shoppers can find discounts on a wide range of items such as clothing, electronics and household appliances.

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Sign up for loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes are a popular way for shoppers to save money while purchasing. Many retailers offer loyalty programmes that provide their members with exclusive discounts, rewards points, and other benefits. Signing up for these programmes is usually free, and shoppers can earn points for each purchase they make, which can then be redeemed for discounts or free products.

Some well-known loyalty programmes in the UAE include Shukran by Landmark Group, Share by Carrefour, and Smiles by Etisalat. It's also important not to forget about credit card points. When we sign up for a credit card, we are often drawn to the various discounts, offers, and partnerships that come with it. Checking out the summer offers on your credit card can help you save money on items you regularly purchase.

Use coupons and promo codes

Coupons and promo codes can be an effective strategy to save money while shopping. These codes can be found online, in newspapers, or on social media platforms and can provide discounts on various products such as clothing, electronics, food and cosmetics. Before making a purchase, it's a good idea to check for available coupons and promo codes that you can use to lower the price.

You can quickly access these discounts by checking a price comparison and deals app.

Here are two tips to help you find more coupons: Don't limit yourself to just one app. You may already use a specific app if you frequently order food online. However, by checking out different apps, you may find additional discounts and promotions you wouldn't have otherwise discovered.

Here's an interesting fact: First-time users of Careem Food can get 50 per cent off coupons, while Noon Food, Talabat, Deliveroo, and EatEasy offer 30-50 per cent off coupons for new users. To maximise your savings, you can take advantage of these first-time offers from each app and choose the one you like the most. Using each app once, you can save up to Dh30 on each order, adding up to at least Dh150 on five different apps.

The same is true for laundry services. JustLife, Careem, LaundryHeap, and SoapySplash are among the laundry services that offer 30-50 per cent off on the first order. By trying out these services individually, you can take advantage of their discounted prices and save money.

Pay attention to the promotional emails

Have you ever noticed the promotional emails in your inbox's Promotions folder? You might be surprised by the number of coupons and offers available there. Many brands offer discounts to people who subscribe to their email lists. Sometimes they provide these discounts as incentives, while at other times, they send coupon codes to re-engage with their users. It's worth looking at these emails, even if your inbox is already crowded with promotional messages. Instead of scrolling through Tiktok or Instagram, spend 10 minutes checking these emails for potential savings.

Buy in bulk:

Purchasing products in bulk is an effective way to save money while shopping, as most retailers in the UAE offer discounts on items like cleaning supplies, toiletries, and food. Not only can buying in bulk help you save on the cost of individual items, but it can also reduce the frequency of your shopping trips, which, in turn, can save you money on transportation costs. Nevertheless, it's essential to ensure sufficient storage space for the products before buying in bulk.

Buy now, pay later:

There has been an increase in the adoption of Buy Now Pay Later options such as Tabby, Tamara and PostPay, mainly due to their interest-free monthly instalment options. By using these options, you can pay for your purchases in full but over a longer period, without having to pay any interest charges. This can result in significant savings compared to using a credit card and being charged interest for late payments.

Get a price comparison app:

Comparing prices is crucial for saving money while shopping in the UAE. With many retail options available, comparing prices from different retailers before purchasing to find the best deals and discounts on your favourite products is essential. Price comparison apps like Chum allow you to compare prices of popular products across various retailers. By comparing prices, you could save significant money on your purchases. For example, if you're planning to buy a TV, you could save Dh1,000 or more by comparing prices and choosing the best-priced retailer.

They also compare prices of grocery carts across Carrefour, Union Coop, Amazon, etc., to show you which supermarket offers groceries at the best prices. With price comparison apps, UAE shoppers can avoid overpaying. These apps help shoppers find the lowest-priced option to buy from, ensuring they get the best deal possible.

Chum also highlights price drops on various products through its deals category. Amjad Ashraf said some of the leading e-commerce players have agile pricing strategies where the price of a particularly popular product drops for a limited period. If the user can track this, then they will realize savings of even 60-70 per cent.

“Here is an example of a Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop sold by Noon for which the price dropped by over 60 percent. Now, this is an example of just one e-commerce player. Chum goes a step further by displaying prices dropped from players like Sharaf DG, Amazon, Carrefour, Emax, and Jumbo in one go,”

said, Ashraf.

Set Price Alerts

You can even set price alerts on flights you want to take and get notified when the price drops. This is a boon for frequent travellers or family group travellers, where savings can be significant. This is especially important during tough economic times, where every penny counts.

Everyone’s heard of Retail Therapy, and shopping can be therapeutic, but when you get the bill, not so much. It’s usually a hassle when trying to get the best price for the product you want. Shopping in the UAE does not have to be expensive. By following these hacks, you can save money while still enjoying a fulfilling shopping experience.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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