Top tips on how students can apply for a scholarship in the UAE

Top tips on how students can apply for a scholarship in the UAE

There are different types of scholarships, various eligibility requirements and application procedure.

In the UAE, scholarships are granted to students in educational institutions to recognize their outstanding achievements in academics, sports, and leadership. These scholarships come in various forms, each with its own set of eligibility criteria and application processes.

To simplify the process, we have compiled a comprehensive list for your convenience.

Different types of awards

In the UAE, students have access to three main types of financial aid.

Scholarships: These awards are granted to students who demonstrate exceptional performance in academics, sports, music activities, or other extracurricular endeavours.

Grants: Schools or colleges provide grants to students based on personal circumstances, achievements, or financial needs, subject to eligibility requirements. They are supported by generous donors.

Student bursaries: Bursaries are awarded to students based on their financial needs, and specific criteria are considered during the selection process. Unlike scholarships, they are usually non-competitive, automatic, and based on financial requirements.

Types of scholarship

Various scholarships are available for UAE students, both at the school and college levels, which can cover either partial or full tuition fees.

Academic Scholarships:

Scholarships in the academic realm are typically awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional performance in their studies or excel in specific subjects like science or arts. Besides academic achievements, the recipients should also exhibit strong character traits, and ambition to surpass expectations.

Athletics Scholarships:

Another category of scholarships is focused on students who exhibit remarkable athletic abilities. These scholarships are primarily based on sporting achievements and are not necessarily dependent on their academic grades.

Scholarships for personal circumstances

Additionally, certain scholarships are awarded based on a student's financial situation or family and economic background, providing financial assistance to those who might otherwise be unable to afford attending school or university. Moreover, certain educational institutions may have arrangements or collaborations with foreign governments to offer merit-based or need-based scholarships to international students.

Industry-sponsored scholarships

Companies and professional organizations grant these awards to attract skilled students into their industry or business. Recipients of these scholarships are frequently presented with internships or full-time job opportunities either before or after their graduation.

Music and art scholarships

Students who demonstrate outstanding musical talent, skills, and relevant experience in music competitions and shows are eligible to apply for a musical scholarship. Students who exhibit exceptional artistic abilities in fields like painting, sculpting, and other related areas may be granted financial aid to support their education.

Tips for applying for a scholarship in the UAE

Before submitting your application to the schools and scholarships you’re interested in, take note of these essential tips to consider.

1. Check scholarship's eligibility criteria:

Scholarships or bursaries usually have distinct eligibility requirements, which vary from one to another. Pay close attention to the scholarship guidelines and make sure to follow all instructions meticulously.

2. Customise applications for different scholarships:

When applying for multiple scholarships or to several schools, it is crucial to customise your application according to each scholarship's specific requirements and questions. Try and tailor responses as per requirement.

3. Be authentic:

Be true to yourself and showcase your genuine passion and enthusiasm for your field of study and future career.

4. Submit a complete application:

Double-check that you have submitted all the required documents and information before the application deadline.

5. Prepare for interviews:

If there is an interview as part of the application process, practice your responses to common interview questions and be ready to discuss your goals and aspirations.

6. Ask for feedback:

Prior to submitting the application, consider seeking advice or a review from teachers, counsellors, professionals, or a trusted friend who has already experienced the scholarship application process.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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