TRA launches its first Winter Innovation Camp

TRA launches its first Winter Innovation Camp

The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector, TRA, announced the opening registration for its first virtual winter innovation camp for UAE nationals and GCC nationals residing in the UAE.

The winter camp, which runs from December 20-24, seeks to prepare the nation’s youth and invest their mid-year break in mastering how to deal with robotics and artificial intelligence, with a primary focus on ICT.

The winter camp complements the Summer Innovation Camp, organized virtually by TRA in its latest edition, in which TRA will deliver tech labs to students participating from their homes, under the theme "An ICT Lab at Every Home", to cultivate a culture of tech home labs to develop the skills of the youths.

Commenting on this camp, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said,

"Building national cadres is our top priority, as we strive to enable younger generations to acquire the skill sets to lead the future ICT sector, deal with cutting-edge technologies and adapt the same towards achieving the goals of our country. Based on our belief that the building process begins at the early stages of our children's lives, and being a continuous process, we launched the Winter Innovation Camp to complement what we have achieved in the Summer Innovation Camp, where we sensed the desire of our children to learn more about robotics and AI, and to gain hands-on experience in helping them decide upon their future discipline."

Al Mansoori stressed that the inauguration of the Winter Innovation Camp affirms the country’s commitment to the innovation approach adopted by the UAE, adding, "Time is a decisive factor in the development and advancement of nations. Successful countries are keen to help their children use their time for developing their potential and acquiring new skills. Through the Winter Innovation Camp, we will make the best of our children’s winter holiday, and we will promote and spread a culture of innovation among the Emirati youth in ICT, all while instilling the seeds of knowledge and encouraging them to excel and innovate, as part of the efforts to build and prepare the UAE youth talents."

The TRA organised the virtual 6th Summer Innovation Camp as a reflection of TRA’s commitment to perform corporate social responsibility for Emirati students by equipping them with the necessary skills related to smart cities, as well as safe uses of technology and social media; design and arts; creativity and shaping the future; building constructive skills, and other activities.

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