UAE Cabinet highlights 17 years of achievements in strengthening national economy

UAE Cabinet highlights 17 years of achievements in strengthening national economy

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has affirmed that the past 17 years have witnessed many changes and achievements to strengthen the national economy and developing advanced services.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who took charge of the Cabinet and the Federal Government in 2006, said that the UAE, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will continue its steadfast developmental journey to improve people’s life further.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said,

“Seventeen years have passed quickly and beautifully and were full of work and achievements. We introduced essential changes to the UAE government's performance and developed services.”

He added,

“Ten thousand decisions in 440 meetings. Over 4,200 legislation in all sectors. We shifted from a traditional government to a new government providing over 1,500 smart services.

"We fought administrative and financial slowness, increased the government budget by more than 140 percent, and became the most effective government in public spending in the world.

“We launched 330 government policies and initiatives to develop the economic environment and signed about 600 international agreements. Our foreign trade jumped from AED415 billion to AED2,200 billion, and the GDP doubled to reach AED1,800 billion in the same period, the UAE is the first in the region to attract investments with a value of AED734 billion.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said that the UAE ranked first in more than 186 global indices and over 430 regional indices, in addition to its highest sovereign rating in the region and its leading position as the first in the region in the ease of doing business and attracting investments.

He said,

“In the past 17 years, we have made many ministerial reshuffles involving more than 66 ministers and pushed the youth to take part in shouldering responsibility. The government is currently the most financially efficient and capable of keeping pace with global changes. We succeeded in establishing an integrated space sector with total investments of AED36 billion and space missions to Mars, the Moon and the interplanetary mission, in addition to a national space agency and satellite manufacturing in just ten years.”
“Today, with the endless support of my brother, President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and with the spirit of union and the ambitions of youth, the UAE will continue its march of prosperity and development,”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said in conclusion.

Journey of Government Action

After His Highness Sheikh Mohammed was elected the Prime Minister of the UAE, the Cabinet held 440 meetings and issued more than 10,000 resolutions between 2006 and 2022.

These decisions resulted in 4,200 federal legislations and laws, 400 government policies and initiatives, and 600 international agreements to accelerate national action in the country, support vital sectors that enhance the UAE’s position as a prestigious cultural destination, become a key partner in the global trade movement, and its vital role as an economic hub linking the East to the West.

With His Highness Sheikh Mohammed steering the Cabinet, the country’s foreign trade jumped to AED2200 billion, while the GDP doubled to AED1,862 billion. Also, the UAE has been at the forefront of the region’s investment attraction and ease of doing business. The country ranked first in more than 186 global indices and over 430 regional indices, in addition to its highest sovereign rating in the region. In addition, the Cabinet issued several policies and laws to stimulate and regulate the labour market, which attracted AED734 billion worth of Investments.

Over AED150 Billion for Social Development and Housing Programmes

Social development programmes have received more than AED110 billion of total government spending. The government has also allocated more than AED50 billion for housing programmes to citizens that provide the best housing solutions and a decent life for citizens.

Continuous Support for Education and Health Sectors

The education sector accounted for the largest share of government spending during the last period, with a total of nearly AED160 billion, benefitting more than 1.3 million students who receive their academic programs in more than 1,500 schools and educational institutions under the supervision of more than 150,000 teachers.

The government, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, has allocated more than AED60 billion for the health and community protection sector. The number of health facilities reached more than 5,000, while the number of doctors and nurses exceeded 92,000.

Global Competitiveness Reports

The UAE ranked first in more than 186 global and over 430 regional indices.

During the past 17 years, the UAE Cabinet's achievements have touched all vital sectors. Some 330 programmes and initiatives have been approved to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy and finance sector.

The UAE Cabinet issued 110 decisions to enhance security and safety levels and 100 policies and initiatives to improve the educational system, social welfare and the quality of health services. Regarding infrastructure, housing projects and environmental sustainability, the UAE Government issued 100 resolutions to strengthen and support these sectors in response to all requirements.

Additionally, the UAE Government launched 90 policies and projects to enhance the readiness of the government sector. Also, the government launched 50 programmes and policies to enhance energy efficiency and food security and another 50 programmes and policies to improve the efficiency of the labour market and support national human resources.

The UAE government currently provides more than 1,500 services through more than 180 smart platforms. In addition, reliable government information is provided through 500 websites, and services are provided through more than 280 government service centres that follow the highest quality standards to provide the best customer experience.

The wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed contributed remarkably to the UAE’s economic growth and prosperity. The UAE’s non-oil foreign trade recorded AED2.23 trillion in 2022, surpassing the trillion for the first time in history. Seventeen percent growth compared to 2021, supported by record growth in non-oil exports.

Several national strategies clearly reflected His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s vision, such as the UAE Circular Economy Policy, the UAE's Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Strategy, and the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

UAE Achievements in Space Industry

The UAE space sector received tremendous support from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. It was established more than ten years ago and is worth AED36 billion. The government was always keen to develop this sector, in line with its commitment to a knowledge-based and diversified economy. The National Space Fund (NSF) was launched as an AED3 billion fund to enhance investments and facilitate the development of future space activities and projects.

Today, the UAE owns 19 orbital satellites, ten new spacecraft under development, and more than 50 international and emerging space companies, institutions and facilities, in addition to five research centres for space sciences.

The country has recorded outstanding achievements in the space industry within a short time. In February 2021, the UAE made history as the first Arab country to reach Mars and the fifth country in the world to achieve this feat.

In October 2021, the UAE Space Agency announced the commencement of a new Emirati interplanetary mission, which involves an expedition to the orbit of Venus, followed by an exploration of the asteroid belt beyond Mars. The mission is scheduled for launch in 2028.

Also, the UAE launched a new Emirati project to explore the Moon. The lunar rover named Rashid is set to land on unexplored regions of the Moon by 2024.

The UAE Astronaut Programme was launched in 2017 to develop a national team of astronauts that can achieve the country's aspirations in taking part in scientific and manned space exploration missions.

Hope Probe

On July 20, 2020, the UAE launched the "Probe of Hope" to Mars in the first Arab space mission to explore planets. Over more than six years of work on the “Probe of Hope”, 200 qualified Emirati engineers and engineers participated in preparing for the seven-month journey, during which it covered a distance of 493 million kilometres before it organised in its orbit around Mars in the first quarter of 2021. It coincided with the UAE's celebration of its Golden Jubilee. The Mars mission cost about US$200 million.

Major Initiatives and Strategies

The vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed resulted in the launch of several government models. On 17th April, 2007, the UAE Government announced its strategy from 2008 to 2010.

The UAE government leadership programme was launched in 2008. More than 1,000 leaders have graduated from the programme in more than ten years. In 2009, the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Programme was launched as the first integrated government excellence programme at the federal government level.

The UAE Vision 2021 was launched in 2010. More than 36 national teams from 150 federal and local entities, private sector institutions and the community participated in the implementation of the vision.

The Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Services was launched in March 2011 to achieve higher standards in client services by improving efficiency.

In 2012, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme was launched to establish a unique learning environment in schools by introducing “Smart Classes”, under which students will utilise smart devices and high-speed 4G networks to acquire knowledge. Also, the same year witnessed the launch of the UAE Green Growth Strategy, a long-term national initiative to develop a green economy in the country.

The World Government Summit was established in 2013 as a global knowledge exchange platform for future governments under the dynamic leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed.

The UAE National Agenda 2021 was launched in 2014. Also, during the same year, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation was launched to provide a world-class, multifunctional space for testing, creating and spurring innovation locally, regionally, and internationally.

In 2015, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launched the Arab Reading Challenge, asking all students across the Arab world to read.

In 2016, the UAE Cabinet launched Government Accelerators as a new mechanism to boost the achievement of the National Agenda to achieve Vision 2021. In the same year, the UAE launched the Emirates Youth Councils, the Centre For the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Dubai Future Councils.

In 2017, the UAE launched the UAE Government's Annual Meetings to unify all government entities at the federal and local levels to discuss current challenges, strategies and initiatives that would lead the country on the path to achieving the Centennial 2071 Plan. Also, in the same year, the UAE Centennial 2071 was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed as a long-term vision that represented a clear roadmap for government work to promote the UAE’s reputation and strengthen its leadership.

The strategic partnership for government modernisation was launched in 2018 to accelerate government modernisation efforts and foster a culture of innovation. Also, the Government Experience Exchange Programme was launched in 2018 during the World Government Summit.

The Regulations Lab was launched in 2019 to develop and test solid legislation for emerging technologies. Also, in 2019, the Arab Government Excellence Award, was launched as the first and most significant award of its kind in the Arab world, celebrating successful government experiences and projects in the Arab world and honouring distinguished Arab government employees.

The UAE announced 2020 to be the year of preparation for the next 50 years, themed “2020: Towards the next 50”. In 2021, the UAE hosted the Expo 2020 Dubai, which welcomed millions of visitors and became the most prominent global event after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the same year, the UAE Government launched a new methodology for government action. In 2022, the UAE launched the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements to strengthen international ties with other countries to build on the UAE’s position as a global trade and logistics hub.

Also, in 2022, the UAE launched the “We the UAE 2031” vision, which represents a national plan through which the country will continue its development path for the next ten years, focusing on social, economic, investment and development aspects.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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