UAE Cyber Security Council Launches 'National Campaign for Cybersecurity'

UAE Cyber Security Council Launches 'National Campaign for Cybersecurity'

The UAE Cybersecurity Council launched “The National Campaign for Cybersecurity”, an awareness campaign targeting government and private institutions, as well as all members of society, with the aim of enhancing public awareness of the threats emanating from an open cyberspace and the various ways to protect against cyberattacks.

The campaign calls for the importance of caution and vigilance to avoid falling victim to phishing and fraud attacks, which uses technology to trick digital users into compromising their personal information and data.

The National Campaign for Cybersecurity is a practical implementation of the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership, stemming from its belief in the importance of information and data security, in light of the tremendous digital developments that the country is witnessing. These directives emphasise the necessity of providing a safe digital environment for citizens and residents alike, and enhancing awareness of the threats of an open cyberspace and ways to guard against it.

The weekly campaign, which lasts for an entire year, covers various aspects of cybersecurity, including guidance and advice on how to identify suspicious emails, the importance of creating strong passwords, in addition to constantly updating programs and applications, and using secure communications applications over the Internet.

Through awareness campaigns and constant communication with the public, the Cybersecurity Council aims to boost awareness by enhancing the community’s understanding of the nature of electronic threats and how to deal with them. This is in addition to providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to detect and protect against these attacks, and to promote safe behavior by using the best practices and preventive measures.

The National Campaign for Cybersecurity seeks to enhance the culture of cybersecurity across all sectors of society and support safe digital transformation in the country. It aims to spread awareness of the threats of electronic attacks, and provide the best practices for guarding against these risks, and ensuring a safe digital environment for everyone.

It is also one of the most important objectives of the UAE Cybersecurity Council and to make cybersecurity a daily culture for all members of the UAE society. It also seeks to make cybersecurity part of the daily culture that includes all members of UAE society, in addition to raising the level of awareness among individuals that cyber threats are not limited to large institutions only, but can also affect them and their families too.

Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Chairman of the UAE Cyber Security Council, indicated that

“The National Campaign for Cybersecurity” comes in light of the increase in cyber threats and their impact on all aspects of our life. “This is in light of the tremendous digital developments that the country is witnessing, and in confirmation of the UAE government’s commitment to providing a safe digital environment for all residents.”

Dr. Al Kuwaiti stressed,

"The Cybersecurity Council believes in the importance of enhancing awareness and spreading vigilance culture across the community to address these challenges. The awareness by individuals and institutions is considered an important pillar in protecting the UAE society against cyberattacks in light of the vast technological development and the increase in cyber threats that accompany it."

In this context, the Chairman of the Cyber Security Council called on all individuals and institutions to follow the campaign and actively interact with it to achieve a safer cyberspace for all. This based on the belief in the responsibility that everyone must bear in confronting these threats.

Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti explained that the National Campaign for Cybersecurity falls in line with the “We The UAE 2031” vision, which aims to build an interconnected and effective society, capable of keeping abreast with global developments in various fields. The National Campaign for Cybersecurity seeks to enhance the participation of all members of the UAE society in building a safe digital environment, which contributes to achieving the “We The UAE 2031” vision for a prosperous future.

Dr. Al Kuwaiti added that the campaign is not limited to the UAE only, but seeks to share its experiences and best practices with the entire world. This reflects the awareness of the importance of international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, and the necessity of enhancing the exchange of information and expertise with other countries to ensure a safe digital environment for all.

The National Campaign for Cybersecurity includes a set of awareness content on the UAE Cybersecurity Council’s various platforms on social media, along with various coverage of the Council’s activities and efforts, including seminars, workshops, and exhibitions. It includes security warnings regarding threats and security updates by the Center, with the aim of consolidating the Council’s message of enhancing the cyber security of the UAE.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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