UAE elections: All you need to know about Federal National Council polls in 2023

UAE elections: All you need to know about Federal National Council polls in 2023

Main election day is scheduled for October 7 across all polling centers, and the announcement of the winners will take place on October 13.

The registration for the 2023 UAE Parliament candidacy will begin next month, giving an opportunity to the new candidates to serve the country and take its leaders’ vision forward.

The Federal National Council (FNC) elections were held for the first time in 2006, with a strong presence of Emirati women.

According to the Executive Regulations, all citizens on the electoral college list are entitled to participate in the electoral process, whether as candidates or as voters.

Below are all the details that you need to know about the 2023 FNC elections in UAE:

– When will registration for candidates begin?

The registration for the UAE Parliament candidacy will commence on August 15.

– When will registration close?

Registration will close on August 18.

What is the male and female ratio of members?

51% of those casting the ballot will be women and 49% men.

How many electoral college members have registered?

The electoral college members from all emirates for the 2023 FNC elections total 398,879.

What is the age of electoral college members?

A significant representation comes from young Emiratis aged 21 to 40 at 55 percent, while those aged 31-40 account for 29.89 percent. The rest of all electoral college members make up 25.11 percent.

What is geographical distribution?

126,779 members originate from Abu Dhabi; 73,181 from Dubai; 72,946 from Sharjah; 12,600 from Ajman; 7,577 from Umm Al Quwain; 62,197 from Ras Al Khaimah; and 43,559 from Fujairah.

Until when can objections to nominations be filed?

Objections to nominations can be filed from August 25, till August 28.

When will the preliminary list of candidates be announced?

The list will be released on August 25.

When will the final list of candidates be announced?

The final list of candidates will be released on September 2.

Can a voter authorize anyone else to cast a vote on his/her behalf?

Every voter has the right to vote once in person and cannot authorize anyone else to exercise this right on his or her behalf.

Do all electoral college members need to validate their names?

Yes. All Emiratis on the electoral college list should validate their names using their Emirates ID numbers through the National Election Committee website and smart applications.

When is the early voting?

Early voting at designated polling stations will take place from October 4-5.

Is there remote early voting?

Yes. It will take place on October 6.

When is the main election day?

October 7 will mark the main election day across all polling centres.

When will preliminary results be announced?

Preliminary results will be released on October 7.

When can candidates file appeals?

Appeals can be filed from October 8 till October 10.

When will the final list of winners be announced?

The winners’ list will be out on October 13.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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