9 Essential Tips to Save Money While Grocery Shopping in the UAE

9 Essential Tips to Save Money While Grocery Shopping in the UAE

Although the city exudes luxury, its citizens aren't just blowing their hard-earned cash carelessly.

Grocery bills should be one of the first areas of emphasis for people trying to reduce their spending or save more money, as they are an easy location to obtain more value for your money. This is especially true given the rising cost of living.

Here are some tips for cutting grocery costs in the UAE without compromising on variety or quality.

Use coupons and promo codes

Coupons have remained a timeless money-saving strategy, potentially reducing prices or even offering goods for free with careful use. While online billing may seem convenient, discount offers are exclusively found on printed receipts. Carrefour, for instance, offers discounts and vouchers on the back of receipts, featuring discounted items from their store and partner brands. It's essential to utilize the mobile apps and websites of grocery stores to compare prices. For instance, using the Grandiose app can help you find the best deal when shopping in person by presenting the coupon at the counter. Additionally, platforms like Noon, Careem, and Instashop provide daily coupon codes for online grocery shopping, aiding in selecting the optimal deal.

Watch out for daily, weekly sales

In addition to major sales events like Ramadan and summer sales, shoppers can benefit from daily and weekly deals offered by supermarkets. Carrefour introduces new promos, sales, and discounts every Wednesday. Almaya offers similar deals on Wednesdays, but bi-weekly. Grandiose hosts regular weekend sales, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Prime members can access supermarket discounts during the first week of each month on Amazon. These periodic promotions provide opportunities for shoppers to save on groceries and other essentials throughout the month.

Plan your meals

With grocery stores offering daily and weekly deals, meal planning becomes simpler and more cost-effective. You can strategically plan your meals around discounted items, ensuring you make the most of the savings. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts to stock up on staples like fruits and vegetables, allowing you to stretch your budget further for the entire week's meals. By incorporating discounted items into your meal planning, you can optimize your grocery spending while still enjoying nutritious and delicious meals.

Sign up for loyalty programmes

Signing up for loyalty programs is a smart way to save money while you spend. Most supermarkets offer such programs, providing members with exclusive discounts, rewards points, and other perks. With each purchase, you can earn points that can later be redeemed for discounts or free products. Some well-known loyalty programs include Share by Carrefour, Shukran by Landmark Group, and Smiles by Etisalat. You can use your accumulated points to pay for groceries or other purchases, depending on the program's terms. For example, Share and Smiles points can be used for groceries, while Shukran points can be used for toiletries at partner brands like Centrepoint.

Collect credit card points

When signing up for a credit card, you unlock access to various discounts, offers, and partnership benefits, including savings on groceries. Checking your credit card offers can help you save money on items you regularly purchase. Many banks collaborate with grocery stores and shopping apps, so it's wise to check your mobile banking app before shopping. For instance, ADCB, FAB, and Mashreq often partner with platforms like Noon and Careem, providing promos that earn you discounts and credit card points, maximizing your savings potential.

Buy in bulk

Most supermarkets in the UAE provide substantial discounts for bulk purchases, offering savings on individual items and reducing the need for frequent shopping trips, thereby cutting transportation costs. While bulk buying is an effective money-saving strategy, it's essential to be mindful of product expiration dates to avoid waste.

Buy only what you need

Buying in bulk can indeed be a double-edged sword. While it's intended to save money, it can lead to overspending on items we don't necessarily need, simply because they're on sale. Sales and discounts tempt us to purchase more than necessary, potentially resulting in wasted money and food if products expire before use. This practice undermines our financial goals, essentially throwing away hard-earned money. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise caution and mindfulness when taking advantage of bulk discounts to ensure that savings don't turn into unnecessary expenses.

Buy now, pay later

Taking advantage of Buy Now, Pay Later schemes when grocery shopping can be a savvy financial move. Apps like Tabby, Tamara, and PostPay offer interest-free monthly installment options, allowing you to spread out payments over a longer period without incurring interest charges. By using these options, you can pay for your purchases in full but over time, potentially saving money compared to using a credit card with interest charges for late payments.

Read promotional emails

Subscribing to the email lists of supermarkets like Carrefour, Grandiose, Choithrams, and Viva can yield valuable discounts and savings opportunities. By paying attention to promotional emails in your inbox, you may discover a plethora of coupons, offers, and savings waiting to be utilized. These emails often contain exclusive discounts and deals tailored to subscribers, allowing you to save money on your grocery purchases.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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