UAE: Car Buyers Advised to Check for Post-Flood Damages Before Purchase

UAE: Car Buyers Advised to Check for Post-Flood Damages Before Purchase

In light of the significant rainfall experienced in the UAE on April 16th, car buyers are being urged to conduct thorough pre-purchase inspections at reputable service centers.

Industry experts caution that vehicles may have sustained damage during the intense weather conditions, emphasizing the importance of verifying a vehicle's condition before making a purchase.

Executives within the automotive sector stress the necessity of sourcing vehicles from trusted and regulated sources to mitigate the risk of buying damaged or compromised vehicles.

Carlos Montenegro, Managing Director for Fleet & Pre-Owned Division at Al-Futtaim Automotive, underscores the importance of purchasing from authorized distributors, particularly in the aftermath of adverse weather events.

Sebastian Fuchs, Managing Director of Digital Products and Services at Auto Data Middle East, echoes this sentiment, recommending prospective buyers to invest in pre-purchase checks priced at approximately Dh150. Fuchs emphasizes the value of such inspections in uncovering any potential damage or issues resulting from the heavy rains, providing buyers with assurance and transparency.

Montenegro observes a surge in demand for new vehicles, attributing it to insurance payouts and the urgent need for vehicle replacements following the weather-induced damages. He notes a notable increase in demand for both large SUVs and budget-friendly models as customers seek to restore their mobility.

Abhinav Gupta, CEO of the Gulf region at Cars24, corroborates the trend, noting a shift towards SUVs due to their perceived suitability for rainy conditions. Gupta highlights the current high demand for new vehicles, coupled with slightly elevated prices driven by pent-up demand resulting from deferred purchase decisions.

Tips for customers to check while buying a pre-owned car

  • Seat belts check: After fully removing the seat belts, look for any damp spots or watermarks.
  • Corrosion checks: Check for corrosion beneath the spare wheel in the trunk, under the steering columns, seat rails, and door hinges.
  • Electrical checks: Verify the proper operation of all the lights on the instrument panel, particularly the airbag and ABS lights, and look for watermarks on the electrical couplers under the dashboard and seat.
  • External lights: Look for any signs of water seeping into any of the outdoor lights.
  • Smell check: An odor coming from within could indicate water damage.
  • Wet signs: Look for watermarks on the seats, carpets, and trunks.
  • Test drive: Make that all of the electrical and dashboard lights are functioning correctly by taking test drives.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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