UAE Jobs: Hiring Picks Up in 2024 with Growing Emphasis on Diversity

UAE Jobs: Hiring Picks Up in 2024 with Growing Emphasis on Diversity

Hiring is expected to increase by at least 15 per cent this year driven by an optimistic market outlook, according to headhunters and HR professionals in the UAE.

They highlight that the recruitment landscape in the country is witnessing transformative shifts, spurred by technological advancements, socio-economic changes, and a growing emphasis on fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

It’s also worth noting that there is a significant increase in expatriates arriving, likely surpassing previous numbers, due to the declining economies of certain countries, according to experts.

Broader talent pool

This trend is being leveraged by the UAE companies, providing them with the chance to tap into a broader pool of talent for recruitment.

Aws Ismail, General Manager, Marc Ellis said,

“In 2023, the job market and hiring saw an increase of approximately 20 per cent from the previous year and it is likely that this year will see a 20-25 per cent increase again, based on signs the key sectors will continue to thrive and the economy becoming even stronger. We are seeing a real boom in certain areas, particularly in IT, banking and HR. The tech sector is especially buzzing, with a strong focus on areas like AI and cybersecurity – it’s quite the hotspot for innovation right now.”

He explained this growth is attributed to the UAE’s focus on expanding and diversifying its sectors with a huge focus on technological advancements due to the government's huge investment in futuristic projects.

Diversifying economy

HR experts emphasised that the UAE has successfully diversified its economy, moving away from purely relying on oil revenue. This shift reflects positively on everyone.

Additionally, with AI and machine learning becoming integral to the hiring process, employers are leveraging data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

Nadeem Ahmed, Senior HR officer, Hidayath group explained that apart from areas like IT, AI, and cybersecurity,

“there will also be heavy recruitment in 2024 for professionals in banking and finance. Companies will be hiring financial and risk analysts, investment bankers, compliance officers, data scientists, and Fintech experts.”

Fatima Tabrez, the Regional HR Manager at Athgadlang, explained that while job seekers globally view the UAE as a desirable international employment destination with a promising hiring landscape employers also grapple with a few challenges.

“As per the trend, this year, we predict at least a 10-15 per cent higher rate of hiring as compared to last year. The UAE is an international destination for job seekers. But what we observe is that there is a discrepancy in salary expectations among nationalities. Companies can overcome this by offering additional benefits like insurance and family airfare.”

More flexibility

Meanwhile, as per a worldwide survey of 70,000 employed individuals, conducted by PageGroup, a leading FTSE 250 recruiter, 75 per cent of workers in the UAE expressed an interest in exploring new job opportunities despite being currently employed.

Experts explained this prompts the urgent need for employers to establish robust employee retention strategies aimed at nurturing a long-term workforce.

Beyond just the salary and benefits, she underlined there has been a shift in the way people work post-Covid, with a greater acceptance of hybrid structures, remote work, and the option to work from home.

“While previously only IT companies embraced such flexibility, now a growing number of companies across various sectors are adopting this approach. It has become a sought-after aspect, with potential employees actively seeking such flexibility in their work arrangements,”

said Tabrez.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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