Revealed: Highest salary & benefits offering sectors in the UAE

Revealed: Highest salary & benefits offering sectors in the UAE
  • 60% of the country's employees want to change their industry for a better salary.
  • The number of UAE employees who want to change their industry is on the rise as they offer better career growth opportunities.

A new survey released by YouGov and revealed that 6 in 10 professionals in the UAE are considering an industry change in the next few months. Around half of them – 49% – are citing better salary as the top reason for an industry change followed by better career growth at 46%.

The survey found that hospitality, recreation and entertainment emerged as the most appealing industries amongst those who consider an industry change.

Zafar Shah, research director at YouGov said the findings will support future earners and employees as well as offer a glimpse of industries hiring fresh graduates so they can access meaningful employment and thrive in today’s job market.

It further revealed that around a quarter of UAE employees changed their industry at least once in the past two years for higher salaries and better career growth opportunities. These were the top two reasons of changing their industry.

A recent survey released by Cooper Fitch revealed that 23% of organisations will reduce the number of employees, whereas 59% will reduce employee numbers by up to 10% or more in 2022.

The survey, which was conducted online from February 9 to 28, 2022, found that job seekers are most interested in working in banking, finance, accounting, IT and advertising, marketing and public relations sectors.

“The survey provides the timely insights needed to orient MENA professionals towards opportunities as well as optimise recruiters’ hiring efforts. We find that technology-driven job creation is forecast to rise with IT/ Internet/ E-commerce expected to record the strongest growth in the coming year,”

said Zafar Shah.

Sectors that offer the best salaries

Around 19 per cent of respondents believe that government offers the best salary packages (inclusive of non-monetary benefits) after oil, gas and petrochemicals.

A recent report by Cooper Fitch predicted that salaries in the UAE will increase by 3% in 2022.

“In light of pandemic-related disruptions in the past two years and the expected outlook for technology adoption, jobs and skills, the data helps to identify which industries are perceived to perform best to make professionals’ job search easier,”

said Ola Haddad, director of human resources at

It revealed that IT hires the highest proportion of fresh graduates among all industries. The majority of respondents – 71% – also believe that the government is a favourable employer, with 56% claiming that the government is an extremely favourable employer.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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