UAE launches the first-ever Chief Audit Executive Majlis

UAE launches the first-ever Chief Audit Executive Majlis

The UAE Internal Auditors Association (UAE-IAA) has announced the launch of the UAE Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Council, a first-of-its-kind of initiative in the region.

The new consultative body aims to exchange experiences and skills among its members; identify best practices in facing the future challenges in internal auditing, and enhance the reputation of the Arab world's second-biggest economy as a centre for good governance in both public and private sectors.

Abdulqader Obaid Ali, UAE-IAA's Board of Governors Chairman, said,

"It is a new initiative launched by us to enhance the reputation of the UAE as a global centre for good governance and apply international best practices at this level to government and private bodies and institutions."

He added,

"There are multiple challenges that internal auditors face worldwide, including the advancements in technology that has become part of the nature of work in internal auditing. Auditors must constantly upgrade their skills to keep pace with these challenges and utilise this opportunity to develop themselves and their organisations."

Describing the role of the CAE Majlis and the subjects it will discuss, Abdulqader said,

"At the UAE IAA, our role will be to supervise the Majlis only. The Majlis members will identify the issues they would like to discuss during their meetings. We will help them set the meeting agenda and contribute towards the selection of speakers for the sessions."

He said the new Majlis will play an important role in spreading the 'culture of excellence' in the internal auditing domain, which will enable it to become a professional platform for integration, exchange of experiences and knowledge, and ways to deal with specific problems.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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