UAE law: AED20,000 fine for failing to stop vehicle after traffic accident

UAE law: AED20,000 fine for failing to stop vehicle after traffic accident

Motorists must contact the police and report incident

Motorists who fail to stop their vehicle following a traffic accident that results in injuries will either face imprisonment or pay a minimum fine of Dh20,000, the UAE Public Prosecution has warned.

The authorities have been running traffic campaigns time and again on various platforms to educate motorists about hit-and-run traffic offences. It is mandatory to stop the vehicle and inform the relevant authorities immediately.

“Whoever fails to stop, with no acceptable excuse, at a traffic accident that was caused by or against him and that results in injuries of persons shall be sentenced to imprisonment and/or fined a monetary penalty of not less than Dh20,000,”

the authority wrote in a post on social media on Saturday.

This traffic offence is detailed in Article 49, Clause 5, of Federal Law No 21 of 1995 Concerning Traffic.

Four steps to follow after an accident:

1. Alert relevant authority

Report the traffic accident on 901 or via the police app. In the event of serious injury, you must dial 999 to call an ambulance. Minor accidents can be reported via the police app.

2. Get a police report

The most important document to ascertain in the event of a collision is the Police Report. Without this, you can find yourself in serious trouble, both legally and financially. It is illegal to carry out any repairs without a police report. For accidents reported through the Dubai Police app, accident reports are sent to all parties involved via SMS within 24 hours of completing the process on the app.

3. Get in touch with the insurance firm

Contact your vehicle insurance company as soon as possible and let them know that you have been involved in a road accident. Also, ensure all documents related to the accident are available.

4. Seek help if the vehicle is severe damaged

In the case the vehicle has sustained substantial damage and is unsafe to drive, your insurer will generally be obliged to send out a recovery truck to tow your car to the nearest certified garage.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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