UAE: New 1-month public parking subscription launched in Sharjah

UAE: New 1-month public parking subscription launched in Sharjah

Sharjah rolled out a new public parking subscription service on Monday to enhance the services provided to residents and businesses. This allows individuals to obtain a personal subscription for one month, covering two zones of their choice.

The new subscription joins a range of existing options for both individuals and establishments. This development underscores the government's commitment to streamlining services and improving urban mobility.

A subscription entails a paid parking service upon activation, granting the subscriber—whether an individual or a company—the right to use public parking spaces within Sharjah City based on the subscription's specifications. Subscription fees fluctuate depending on the type of subscription.

Below are the various parking subscriptions:

Personal parking for all areas in Sharjah City:

10 daysDh17020 daysDh29030 daysDh390
3 monthsDh8506 monthsDh1,40012 monthsDh2,300

Personal parking for two areas only:

1 month (new)Dh166
3 monthsDh5006 monthsDh90012 monthsDh1,700

Commercial parking for all areas in Sharjah City:

10 daysDh17020 daysDh29030 daysDh390
3 monthsDh1,0506 monthsDh1,75012 monthsDh2,850

Commercial parking for two areas:

3 monthsDh6006 monthsDh1,10012 monthsDh2,100

Exceptional parking subscription (20% discount):

3 monthsDh6006 monthsDh1,05012 monthsDh1,850

The exceptional parking subscription category is open to only UAE Citizens who are retired, elderly or living in paid parking zones - government employees in Sharjah city - students - social service beneficiaries - holders of Homeland Protectors card or Waffer card.

Below are the documents required to obtain an exceptional parking subscription:

  • Emirates ID
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Trade license (for Commercial Subscriptions)
  • Discount Eligibility Proof (for Exceptional Subscriptions)

Service channels:

  • SCM website
  • Approved service centres by Sharjah City Municipality
  • Applications for exceptional subscriptions are submitted through service centres only.

Last year, Sharjah announced free parking subscriptions for people of determination. This service simplified the parking process for them and promoted a more inclusive and accessible environment in public spaces.

This service allows individuals holding subscription cards to access free public parking and link it to the parking system virtually. By implementing this virtual linking process, eligible individuals can seamlessly access their parking benefits without physically placing the card on the windshield of vehicles.

The authority made the process customer-friendly by eliminating the need to visit the municipality office physically. Eligible individuals can now go through the entire process online.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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