UAE petrol prices increased for February 2024: Here’s how much a full tank will cost

UAE petrol prices increased for February 2024: Here’s how much a full tank will cost

The UAE has announced fuel prices for February 2024.

The fuel price follow-up committee increased the rates by up to 0.05 fils per litre.

As per the hike, Super 98 will now cost Dhs2.88 per litre, beginning February 1, increasing from Dhs2.82 a litre in January.

Filling up on Special 95 petrol will cost Dhs2.76 per litre, compared to Dh2.71 in January and E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dhs2.69 a litre, compared to Dh2.64 a litre in January.

The committee has announced a drop in diesel prices, with a litre costing Dhs2.99 in February compared to Dh3 last month.

Petrol, diesel prices in the last year

Month (2023)Super 98Special 95E-Plus
January 20242.822.712.64

Cost of a full tank

The fuel prices to be sold at retail fueling stations are approved by the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and determined every month. The prices are based on the average global price of oil and its fluctuation – whether up or down- and include distribution companies' operating costs.

The drop in fuel prices – from November 2023 to January 2024, led to a saving of Dhs4.08 to Dhs5.18 on a full tank, depending on the type of car and its tank capacity.

The average fuel tank capacity for compact cars is 51 litres which cost Dhs138.21 for Super 95 in January 2024. Similarly, SUVs with an average fuel tank capacity of 74 litres filling up on Super 95 petrol cost Dhs200.54 in January 2024. It costs Dhs208.68 to fill up an SUV with Super 98 while Dhs143.82 to fill up a sedan with a 51 litre tank capacity.

For a diesel vehicle, with fuel pump rates at Dhs3 per litre, it costs Dhs330 to fill up an SUV such as a Toyota Land Cruiser with a 110 litre tank, in January.

News Source: Gulf Business

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