UAE Residents Anticipate 9-Day Eid Al Fitr Holiday, Fueling Surge in Travel Demand

UAE Residents Anticipate 9-Day Eid Al Fitr Holiday, Fueling Surge in Travel Demand

With UAE residents possibly getting a nine-day break for Eid Al Fitr in April, travel demand is soaring. All-inclusive nine-day holidays are trending among UAE travellers, according to experts.

If the holy month of Ramadan lasts 30 days, the Eid break — including the weekends — is from Saturday, April 6, to Sunday, April 14.

Dubai-based dnata Travel said bookings for the upcoming break have “more than doubled in volume” compared to 2023 levels.

The travel agency has noted a heavier-than-usual demand for outbound travel. In previous years, it saw a “close-to-equal split” between the choice for a staycation or travelling internationally during the first Eid break.

“The split is weighing heavier this year towards outbound travel at 60 percent of all bookings, compared to 40 percent for local stays,”

the company said.

Online travel agency Musafir said the anticipation for the upcoming nine-day Eid Al Fitr holiday is evident among families across the UAE. The agency has observed a “significant spike” in Eid package inquiries, with approximately

“30 percent of bookings made by customers opting for longer holiday packages.”

Raheesh Babu, COO of the travel agency said:

“We are witnessing the trend of extended vacations among UAE residents, particularly because this year Eid Al Fitr holidays align with school spring break. With the extended nine-day break approaching, we do anticipate higher demand,”

“However, it's important to note that group departure dates are usually fixed, so we have seen an increase in customised packages to destinations where visas are easily available.”

Cost for 9-day breaks

For those booking their travel with Musafir, preferred countries are those offering visa-on-arrival or quick e-visas to UAE residents.

“Affordability and ease of visa remain top decisive factors.”

People are choosing to combine countries such as Azerbaijan and Georgia or Armenia and Georgia for longer breaks of seven to nine days, said Babu.

All-inclusive packages for nine-day holidays to popular destinations range from Dh9,000 to Dh13,000 per person depending on the location and the number of days.

The top destinations include European countries such as Greece, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy, where combined packages for two countries or more are popular.

“Additionally, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are popular for long itineraries, where travellers have the option of combining two countries. A case in point is Singapore and Malaysia, or multiple cities within the same country, such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi within Thailand,”

said Babu.

According to dnata, the most popular destinations for holiday bookings over the Eid break are Maldives, Thailand, Italy, Mauritius, and the US.

Meerah Ketait, head of Retail and Leisure UAE at the agency, said:

“An extended break is anticipated for Eid celebrations this April, and travellers are making the most of the opportunity with bookings being made further in advance and to long-haul destinations including across Asia and the USA.

“The Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives and Mauritius, alongside Thailand, are popular for travellers year-round with tropical climates and accessibility to the UAE. This year, Italy and the USA are trending for the Eid break compared to 2023. Travellers are heading to the Italian cities of Rome and Venice, whilst in the US, stays in New York City and Las Vegas are proving most popular.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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