UAE Residents Warned of Dh1,000 Penalty for Gathering Near Fire and Accident Locations

UAE Residents Warned of Dh1,000 Penalty for Gathering Near Fire and Accident Locations

The police emphasized the importance of ensuring unobstructed routes for ambulances and civil defense vehicles during emergencies, enabling them to promptly reach the scene and swiftly rescue those in need.

UAE authorities have taken strict measures to tackle the issue of onlookers causing traffic congestion at accident scenes and have cautioned residents about the penalties imposed to ensure the unhindered movement of emergency vehicles.

The Abu Dhabi Police has issued a warning against engaging in "rubbernecking," which is considered a traffic violation in the UAE. In a social media post on Monday, the Abu Dhabi Police highlighted that individuals who gather around accident sites not only disrupt the flow of traffic but also hinder the timely arrival of emergency vehicles, thereby jeopardizing life-saving efforts.

According to RoadSafetyUAE, a Dubai-based organization, rubbernecking refers to the behavior of drivers who significantly reduce their speed to observe an accident, even when it is a minor collision. The organization describes this behavior as highly frustrating because it leads to unnecessary traffic congestion without any valid reason.

The Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the importance of ensuring a clear pathway for ambulance and civil defense vehicles in such circumstances, enabling them to promptly reach accident sites and swiftly rescue the injured. They cautioned that rubbernecking frequently results in additional accidents, as some drivers stop at accident scenes, leading to disruptions in the flow of traffic.

In addition, the presence of pedestrians driven by curiosity to cross various roads and approach accident scenes, disregarding the movement of vehicles, greatly exposes them to the risk of being involved in accidents.

The police also issued a warning to residents, urging them not to take photos or videos of accident sites and refrain from sharing such content on social media. These actions, motivated by curiosity and the desire to exploit unfortunate incidents for personal gain, are considered highly inappropriate and can have legal consequences for those responsible.

Abu Dhabi authorities are calling on the public to display responsible behavior by adhering to traffic regulations at accident scenes, showing respect for the privacy and dignity of those affected, and abstaining from sharing unauthorized content on social media platforms.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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