UAE: Simple Way to Avoid Emirates ID and Visa Fines

UAE: Simple Way to Avoid Emirates ID and Visa Fines

The UAEICP (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) has shared an informative video on its official Twitter account, emphasizing the importance of individuals staying informed about the expiration dates of their official documents.

Given the UAEICP's role in managing identity and customs matters, it is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant about the validity of their official documents. Neglecting to renew or update these documents within the specified timeframe can lead to significant fines and unnecessary complications.

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The instructional video provides a detailed guide on how to activate the notifications feature within the mobile application, offering individuals a proactive approach to avoiding potential penalties.

For Apple users, the process is simple and straightforward. They can navigate to the settings section on their iPhones, select 'Notifications,' and then locate the UAEICP mobile application. From there, they can enable notifications to receive timely alerts regarding the expiration dates of their documents.

Android users can also take advantage of this helpful feature by accessing the settings on their devices. By selecting 'Notifications' and choosing the UAEICP mobile application, they can activate notifications and receive important updates about the deadlines for their official documents.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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