UAE: Special permits to extend work hours in Ramadan

UAE: Special permits to extend work hours in Ramadan

The Sharjah Municipality has stated that businesses operating within the emirate will require specific licenses to prolong their working hours throughout Ramadan.

To ensure their ability to continue operations after midnight during this sacred month, establishments such as stores and shops must request this permit.

The permits can be applied for online at

The permit to work after midnight is not available for engineering contractors, according to the regulations.

However, Sharjah Municipality has specified that certain establishments such as restaurants, bakeries, and cafeterias are exempt from this regulation and are allowed to continue working beyond midnight without obtaining the permit.

Eateries are subject to two permits, which include displaying food during the day for preparation and presentation purposes, including those located within shopping centers. The cost of this permit is Dh3,000.

Additionally, there is another permit available for eateries to display snacks in front of their establishments shortly before Iftar, the meal consumed by Muslims to break their fast around sunset. The charge for this permit is Dh500.

Eatery owners or managers can apply for these permits at the Sharjah Municipality's food control section counter, located in the Suburbs Affairs Department, Industrial Area 5. The Sharjah Municipality has also issued general guidelines for displaying food during the holy month.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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