Beat the Heat This Summer With These Must-Try Water Sports in Dubai

Beat the Heat This Summer With These Must-Try Water Sports in Dubai

Looking for thrilling adventures to spice up your summer?

There's no shortage of adrenaline-pumping things to do this time of year, from scuba diving to flyboarding over the lake to uncovering Dubai's underwater treasures.


A thrilling hobby that gives the sensation of soaring over water is flyboarding. You can fly like a superhero and soar high above the ground with it. You are standing on a lone flyboard that is being forced upward by highly pressurized water jets. A 20-meter hose connects the flyboard to a personal watercraft that serves as the water pump. You are kept afloat by the jets beneath the board, which shoot forth water and propel you upward. For a higher perspective, you can climb to a height of nine meters over the lake. An exciting addition to any daring Dubai holiday is flyboarding.


This one is only for serious adventure seekers. The Seabreacher is a unique vessel that lets you sail the ocean like a real shark. Despite looking like a tiny submarine disguised as a shark, the Seabreacher functions more like a waterplane because to its powerful 260 horsepower motor, which can achieve speeds of up to 100 kmph. It truly lives up to its name because it can mimic the movements of a real shark's tail and make incredible leaps that can propel it up to six meters above the water.


Visit Kite Beach, a well-liked location for kite surfers of all abilities, to experience a little of Dubai's passion for the sport. Facilities such as Dukite, which provide tuition and equipment rentals, are located at Kite Beach. Kitesurfing is an exciting sport that provides an excellent full-body workout. Participants grab onto a handle attached to a kite that resembles a parachute and use it to regulate their speed and direction.


Try parasailing, which is similar to kitesurfing in that you are propelled into the air by a parasail fastened to a boat, saving you from having to control the wind on your own. From heights of up to 150 meters, parasailing offers you amazing aerial views over Dubai, providing you with an exhilarating and distinctive viewpoint of the city.

Scuba Diving

Diving is year-round possible in Dubai thanks to its warm waters, offering amazing underwater experiences. With a staff of qualified PADI instructors offering a variety of certification courses, the Atlantis Dive Centre at Atlantis, The Palm can accommodate divers of all skill levels, from novices to experts. Located inside the largest open aquarium in the region, the Ambassador Lagoon, the Atlantis Dive Centre offers a range of aquatic pursuits appropriate for kids, families, and experienced scuba divers. For a genuinely unique experience, hand-feed up to 14 different kinds of sharks and rays or explore underwater ruins teeming with unusual marine life.

Boat Tours

Do you want to take in the views along with an exciting adventure? Hero Boat Tours is the only self-operating boat experience in the city, allowing you to explore Dubai from the water. Since no boating license is required, the whole family may enjoy themselves. Hero boats can go at speeds of over 50 kmph and are simple to operate. Enjoy breathtaking vistas of famous buildings like the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab as you glide above the ocean, capturing unobstructed pictures from an unusual angle.

Kayaking at Hatta

The serene blue waters of Hatta Dam offer a calm retreat about 1.5 hours' drive from Dubai. This oasis is encircled by the rough peaks of the Hajar Mountains, creating a remarkable contrast to the desert environment observed on the way to Hatta. It is located adjacent to the Hatta Fort Hotel and the well-liked outdoor leisure center Hatta Wadi Hub. Getting out on the ocean is the best way to fully appreciate the stunning natural splendor. You can glide across the tranquil waters and enjoy the gorgeous vistas by renting kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and more from Hatta Kayak, with rentals starting at Dh60.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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