UAE's 15 fastest-growing jobs

UAE's 15 fastest-growing jobs

Over the past few years, the UAE’s job market has been evolving very fast, with more focus on the services sector as well as new-age technologies.

The Emirates earlier announced around 100,000 Golden Visas for the coders alone, reflecting the focus in terms of attracting new talent and creating jobs in the country.

In addition, the real estate sector has also seen exponential growth, creating thousands of job opportunities, especially in the emirate of Dubai. And this sector continues to support the employment market very well.

Released by LinkedIn on Wednesday, here are the 15 fastest-growing jobs in the UAE:

1. Real estate agent consultants provide advice to clients and investors about property sales.

2. Partnerships specialists manage, maintain and develop communication and relationships between partners and companies.

3. Mortgage advisors help customers navigate the home mortgage financing process, acting as liaisons between a bank and the client.

4. Private client advisors work directly with clients on behalf of financial firms to provide advice on wealth management and financial dealings.

5. Growth managers use a data-driven approach to measure a company's growth in terms of audience size and revenue and develop strategies for business growth.

6. Building Information Modelling (BMI) architects specialise in building information technology – 3D digital representation of a structure -- to design buildings and infrastructure projects.

7. Sales development representatives are sales executives who focus on outreach, prospecting and qualifying leads.

8. Banking officers handle various tasks ranging from customer service, account management, and financial services.

9. Back-end developers build and code the server-side technology that powers front-end web and mobile applications.

10. Front-end developers are responsible for all front-end-related tasks for websites. They perform code analysis and complete software design using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, optimizing programmes while ensuring usability.

11. Tax associates are primarily focused on assisting their employer or client with tax compliance, planning and reporting.

12. Financial auditors examine and assess financial records, statements, and transactions of businesses or individuals to ensure compliance with laws.

13. 3D artists specialise in creating three-dimensional digital artwork, models, animations and visual effects.

14. Chief marketing officers oversee and lead a company's marketing and branding efforts, playing a critical role in developing and implementing strategies to promote a company's product or services.

15. Product designers are responsible for creating designs for new products that meet customer needs.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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