Expo 2020 Dubai: UAEU launches the ‎‎“Enhancing Student Skills” program‎

Expo 2020 Dubai: UAEU launches the ‎‎“Enhancing Student Skills” program‎

The UAEU pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai launched ‎the “Enhancing Students Skills” program as one of ‎the main activities of the pavilion.

The program first began in November 2021 and it will continue until March ‎‎2022.

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad - Associate Provost for ‎Research, and Deputy Commissioner-General of the ‎UAEU pavilion - explained that the program is ‎an educational program within an integrated ‎interactive training environment that helps the ‎student to be creative and innovative. There are various program ‎topics that align with the pavilion's slogan, ‎‎"University of the Future".  

The program aims at ‎enhancing and empowering students' skills and ‎linking them to the labour market, in line with the ‎university's vision of the importance of building ‎pioneering national cadres for the future and ‎meeting the country's aspirations in preparation for ‎the next fifty years‏.‏

While taking into account ‎the diversity in the quality and presentation of ‎training courses, the program was designed by faculty members and ‎researchers at the university. Motivation has been adopted as ‎an important tool in communicating information. ‎These programs take into account the future agility ‎and dynamism that guarantee high-quality ‎educational outcomes in a manner that ensures the ‎student's ability to adapt quickly to changes in the ‎labour market‏.‏ The program's themes focus on: personal ‎effectiveness, leadership, critical thinking, ‎importance of quality of life, and machine learning. ‎The university students from various colleges will ‎participate in these training programs, with an ‎average of 20 students per program‏.‏

News Source: UAE Expo Newsletters

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