Umrah from UAE: Packages See 25% Price Drop Amid Rising Temperatures

Umrah from UAE: Packages See 25% Price Drop Amid Rising Temperatures

Umrah pilgrims are benefiting from significantly reduced package prices this season, following the conclusion of Hajj and amid soaring summer temperatures.

According to Umrah agents, prices have dropped by approximately 25% compared to cooler months, making pilgrimage more accessible to prospective travelers.

The temporary halt in Umrah pilgrimages from May 23 to June 6, to accommodate Hajj activities, has led to a surplus in availability and reduced demand during the current season.

Qaiser Mahmood from ASAA Tourism noted,

"The decrease in demand has directly influenced the pricing, now starting at Dh2,500 for air travel and Dh1,100 for bus packages."

While some UAE residents have chosen to postpone their pilgrimage to September in anticipation of cooler weather, others have cited recent reports of heat-related incidents during Hajj as a deterrent.

Arif Hussain, a resident of Deira, shared,

"I planned to go with my family, but the extreme temperatures this year have made it challenging."

During this year's Hajj, temperatures exceeding 50℃ resulted in unfortunate casualties, prompting concerns among potential Umrah pilgrims. Despite this, Umrah agents remain committed to providing enhanced services, including better accommodations closer to holy sites.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has resumed issuing Umrah visas, with applications now open via electronic platforms. The new Umrah season coincides with Muharram 1445 AH, starting July 19, offering pilgrims ample opportunity to plan their spiritual journey.

While the summer heat poses challenges, dedicated pilgrims continue to flock to Madinah, underscoring the enduring spiritual significance of the pilgrimage. Umrah agents reassure travelers of their commitment to ensuring a meaningful and comfortable pilgrimage experience, despite seasonal conditions.

For UAE residents planning their Umrah pilgrimage, access to multiple airports in Saudi Arabia has been restored, enhancing travel flexibility and convenience. As demand adjusts and preparations continue, agents anticipate a steady flow of pilgrims seeking to fulfill their spiritual obligations.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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