List of The Most Luxurious Airports Worldwide

List of The Most Luxurious Airports Worldwide

Dubai International Airport in the UAE is number one, with Heathrow Airport in the UK and Hamad International Airport in Qatar following closely.

Gone are the days of crowded spaces and dull snacks – according to a recent study, airports worldwide are stepping up their game, providing lavish retreats for travelers seeking luxury.

In this study, medical travel insurance specialists at AllClear evaluated 1,800 airports globally, assessing their "luxury score" to determine the most luxurious options available.

Criteria for selecting luxurious airports:

The scoring system takes into account factors such as the quantity of lounges, availability of designer shopping outlets, quality of food and beverage options, and the presence of upscale hotels on-site.

The findings showcase airports offering experiences beyond the ordinary, including:

  • Indoor gardens providing a serene environment amidst the airport's busy atmosphere.
  • Luxurious swimming pools for travelers to enjoy a relaxing swim before their flights.
  • Michelin-starred restaurants offering gourmet cuisine to satisfy discerning palates.
  • Golf courses for travelers to enjoy a quick round of golf before departing.

Leading the list

At the forefront of luxury airports is Dubai International Airport, earning an outstanding 83 out of 100 on the 'Luxury Score'. Boasting over 30 exclusive lounges, it provides a premium retreat for tired travelers.

Close behind is London Heathrow Airport, securing 82 points, while Hamad International Airport in Doha follows closely with 73 points.

Asian airports dominate the ‘top 15’ group

The top 15 airports are primarily dominated by Asian destinations, offering a noteworthy trend. Europe also stands out with five entries, with Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ranking fifth.

Meanwhile, North America is represented by a single entry, New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, renowned for its luxury boutiques and celebrity encounters, securing the 11th position.

News Source: Gulf Business

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