World Police Summit to Address Strategies Combatting Drug Abuse

World Police Summit to Address Strategies Combatting Drug Abuse

The Anti-Narcotics Conference, one of the critical events at the World Police Summit (WPS) hosted by Dubai Police, focuses on narcotics prevention and associated crimes under the theme 'Drugs, Trafficking, Online Drug Promotion, and Their Impact on Youth and Society'.

Scheduled to take place from March 5th to 7th, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Anti-Narcotics Conference serves as a global platform for addressing narcotics-related challenges. It aims to explore strategies to counter the illicit use of drugs, enhance responses to evolving drug trafficking patterns, and analyze their impact on youth and society.

Major General Eid Mohammed Thani Harib, Director of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, affirmed the significance of the World Police Summit as a valuable opportunity for law enforcement agencies, security organizations, and law enforcement entities to engage in discussions on global narcotics prevention and associated crimes. He highlighted that the Summit is an effective platform for exchanging ideas, practices, and experiences among minds, experts, and specialists in the field.

Maj. Gen Harib continues,

“The WPS is a significant space to underscore the importance of cooperation in combating drug smuggling and underlines the crucial role of integrated efforts between the community, police forces, and relevant institutions in safeguarding youth from drug abuse and addiction.”

He added,

“The Anti-Narcotics Conference is a prominent event organized by the Dubai Police as part of the World Police Summit. Its purpose is to foster international collaboration in finding effective solutions and addressing the root causes of drug abuse. The conference aims to explore the most efficient strategies, methods, and programs to combat this issue by closely monitoring current trends and anticipating future developments. It also seeks to establish a comprehensive and collaborative framework encompassing various aspects, including legal, operational, healthcare, security, social, and psychological dimensions. Furthermore, the Anti-Narcotics Conference aims to deliver impactful recommendations that can truly make a difference in the field of drug crime prevention.”

Maj. Gen. Harib pointed out that the Anti-Narcotics Conference is an integral part of Dubai Police's ongoing international efforts to sustain knowledge and expand participation in establishing a scientific methodology that relies on expertise, efficiency, and practical experience in combating drug abuse at all levels, including preventive, educational, and operational aspects. He emphasised that this conference aligns with the Force's prominent role as an active international partner in combating transcontinental drug trafficking.

Maj. Gen. Harib further noted,

"In the past four years, Dubai Police has achieved significant milestones in the fight against drugs, sharing 1025 drug-related dossiers with 131 countries. Through fruitful collaboration, the Force has apprehended 251 suspects and drug traffickers on an international level, leading to the seizure of 17 tons and 164 kilograms of narcotics. Additionally, Dubai Police has actively cooperated with international partners in apprehending suspects in high-profile international cases, such as the operation 'Sugar Cane', resulting in the seizure of 22 tons of Cocaine. Moreover, in the operation 'Storm', Dubai Police collaborative efforts resulted in the seizure of over 86 million Captagon pills weighing more than 13.763 tons with an estimated value of more than AED 3.87 billion.

Brigadier Khalid bin Muwaiza, Deputy Director of the General Department for Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, elaborated on the conference agenda, stating,

'The conference encompasses a strategic session titled 'United Nations Strategy to Counter the Technical Use of Illicit Drug Trafficking and Psychotropic Substances' and a forward-looking session that explores 'Electronic Marketing: New Horizons for Drug Smuggling.' It will cover various key topics, including 'Cooperation and Its Role in Reducing Drug Smuggling,' 'The Role of Institutions, Community Service, and Psychiatric Medicine in Protecting Youngsters against Drug Abuse and Addiction,' and 'Best Practices and International Experiences in the Field of International Cooperation to Combat Drugs'."

Brig. Bin Muwaiza underscored that the conference is meticulously crafted to align with future aspirations and build upon previous outcomes and recommendations to maximize the benefits aligned with international endeavors to combat drug abuse. He continued,

"The conference fostered strategic collaborations with prominent partners, including the Emirates Drugs Control Council, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Pan-Arab Bureau for Narcotics Affairs, the GCC-Criminal Information Center to Combat Drugs, and The Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse in Egypt.

Brig. Bin Muwaiza highlighted that the conference provides a valuable platform for targeted groups, including attendees, participants, decision-makers in drug control agencies, and professionals working in the field. Additionally, it benefits individuals in educational and research institutions, healthcare and treatment sectors focusing on addiction and rehabilitation, as well as the legal and legislative domains. He added,

"The conference also aims to engage customs departments, public-interest civil society organizations, university students, and senior students in secondary education, addressing their specific needs and interests."

Colonel Dr. Abdul Rahman Sharaf Al Maamari, Director of Hemaya International Center in the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, expressed that the conference would encompass four specialised workshops, which delve into crucial topics such as "Ensuring Public Health and Safety in Managing Drug-Addicted Offenders," "The Role of Officers and Educational Institutions in Confronting Student Challenges in Educational Environments," "Drug Observatory: A Promising International Collaboration for Drug Prediction," and "Showcasing the National Rehabilitation Center's Experience in Family Education and Social Support as part of the Relapse Prevention Programme."

Colonel Dr. Al Maamari further indicated that the conference is accompanied by an exhibition, where concerned institutions and companies showcase their products, initiatives, and activities related to various security issues while presenting the most effective solutions and innovative advancements in the field.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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