Dubai's World Records you probably had no idea about

Dubai's World Records you probably had no idea about

There’s nothing Dubai loves more than setting up world records one after the other. From the tallest building, largest dancing fountain, deepest swimming pool to the largest of malls, Dubai has it all. It is a city that loves to come up with new and unique challenges and surpass them beautifully in its own unique style.

Get to know your city even better. Here are some of the world records of Dubai that you probably didn’t even know about.

1. The Fastest Police Car in Service

The Dubai Police is known for its impressive fleet of supercars unlike any other seen around the world. In 2016 The Dubai Police scored a world record for having the world’s fastest car in service – The Bugatti Veyron. This supercar can go from 0 to 97 km/h in just 2.5 seconds with the help of it’s unbelievable top-speed of 407 km/h and its 16-cylinder engine that produces a 1000-horsepower. Though the Bugatti Veyron isn’t’ the only luxury vehicle, the Dubai Police fleet others include- Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari FF. These luxury supercars not only look really great, but they also can help the police to speed up and catch up with those in the wrong. In a city that is known for its luxury and wealth, outrageous police cars truly make sense.

2. The Longest Handmade Gold Chain

Dubai is known as the city of gold so it’s no surprise when it gets a world record for making the longest handmade gold chain. Known as the ‘Dubai Celebration Chain’ that weighed 240 kg, it was 5 km long and took 45 days and 100 craftsmen to make it. This 22-carat gold chain was unveiled at the Deira Gold Souk bus station in 2015 in celebration of the Dubai Shopping Festival’s 25th anniversary! The most amazing part was that the shoppers of DSF also got the chance to pre-book sections of the chain between 8 to 26 grams. Being this magnificent and gigantic it’s surprising not many people know about it.

3. The Tallest Chocolate Sculpture

Now, this might be the most delicious world record ever! You know about the tallest building in Dubai, but did you know that Dubai has a world record for making the tallest chocolate sculpture of a replica of Burj Khalifa in 2014. This mesmerising and yummy chocolate sculpture was created by Andrew Farrugia – a Maltese food artist. The sculpture was 13.52 meters in height and took 4,200 kilograms of Belgium chocolate to create. It took 10,000 pieces of chocolate especially hand cut by Farrugia and others, to recreate the iconic features of the Burj Khalifa. This chocolate sculpture was unveiled in November 2014 at the Dubai International Airport as part of UAE’s 43rdNational Day celebrations.

4. Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be hard, but can you imagine a jigsaw puzzle with over 12,000 pieces?! Impossible for most except for Dubai who achieved a World Record for the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle with a surface area of over 6,000sqm and being situated in the Uptown District in DMCC. This gigantic world record also had a meaningful note behind it. It was attempted in 2018 to celebrate the Year of Zayed and the puzzle also featured the UAE’s founding father’s image on it.

5. Largest Cup of Hot Tea

All of us love a warm and delicious cup of tea, but do you think you could ever drink 5,000 liters of tea?! Dubai earned a world record by displaying a giant cup of hot tea at Global Village Dubai in 2018. Standing at a height of 3.66 m this ginormous cup measured 1.42 m in diameter and was filled with 5,000 litres of tea. This massive cup came equipped with a heating system that helped in maintaining a blistering temperature of 85° Celsius! I guess we would never run of out tea with this gigantic teacup.

6. The World’s Highest Infinity Pool

You’ve been to Singapore or are just a fan of architectural delights then you know about the iconic Twin towers with a huge infinity pool on the roof. Similarly, Dubai has a similar kind of twin-tower - the Address Beach Resort that sits at the end of The Beach, JBR. This mesmerizing pool gained a world record for being the highest infinity pool in the world. It offers incredible views of the Dubai skyline on the 77th floor! At 294 m above ground level which is what makes it the highest infinity pool ever, earning its world record. It is not quite the longest, but 94 m is sufficient for anyone to fit in some relaxing laps at this dreamy pool.

7. World’s Largest Permanent Vertical Maze

Ever heard about a permanent vertical maze? This might be one of the coolest world records Dubai has. The Al Rostamani Group Maze Tower proudly received a world record for the largest permanent vertical maze ever in 2012. This 55-storey building located in the Dubai Financial District boasts a vertical maze that covers a surface area of 3,947 sqm. The Al Rostamani Group achieved this mesmerizing architectural beauty through intricate lines of balconies arranged in the shape of a maze.  Now that sounds like a building I’d want to visit!

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